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Hadley Eames and Nicola Corsini

Our brand ethos comes from a desire to connect people and create meaningful connections. In this way, digital media can assist our social growth and personal fulfilment.

Waves originated through identifying the regular pain points of current dating apps to include endless swiping, superficial matching processes and mindless small talk; all of which have become common expectations of online dating. 

Waves is a platform where users match based on common events. It will prioritise the event element and will limit conversation, to encourage users to actually meet in person rather than continue chatting online. 

The app will appeal to users who want to quickly and instantly arrange a date with a like-minded person without having to engage in awkward small-talk beforehand. This encourages face-to-face meetings and ensures that users are on the same page.

Our vision is to provide a platform and community that individuals can match based on events, ensuring worthy connections and authentic compatibility. Not just one of those standard dating apps, a means of forming friendships, developing support systems, networks and initiating relationships, the opportunities are endless.