Broadcast camera system

Our broadcast camera system provides Loughborough with a direct line to world’s media.

The University’s broadcast camera system is set up in Sir Arnold Hall (Admin 1) on the ground floor. It enables national and international broadcasters to do TV interviews with University experts direct from the campus.

It is hoped Globelynx will significantly enhance Loughborough’s broadcast coverage, making it easier for staff to support media requests without the need to travel.

Below is some guidance for using the system:

  1. Turn on the red switch at the back of the Globelynx machine
  2. Set up the camera and align the blue box with your eye line using the control device provided
  3. Make sure you leave enough room for the Loughborough logo to be visible
  4. Press the ‘autofocus’ button
  5. Attach the lapel microphone making sure the mic is pointing downwards and hide the wires under your clothing
  6. Clip the cord of the ear piece behind your neck. Insert the ear piece keeping the cord taut (and not slack, otherwise the ear piece might fall out)
  7. Look at the camera lens and await further instruction. When the red light comes on at the bottom right of the system, this means you are now connected and ‘on air’.

Find out more

You can download the guidance below and if you would like to find out more about Globelynx and how it operates, please get in touch