School and College Liaison

We travel up and down the country to schools, colleges and fairs to inspire the next generation of undergraduate students.

Our team covers three main areas:

Widening participation

pathways sport event

We are currently active in two collaborative networks, REACH (Leicestershire) and Pathways (NCOP), that carry out targeted work with students who have been identified as facing challenges to entering Higher Education. Our sessions are primarily aimed at younger groups (Year 9 -11) and are designed to raise aspirations and break down the barriers preventing students progressing with their studies.

Activities are offered both on and off campus and sometimes in conjunction with other members of the networks, for example, The University of Leicester and De Montfort University. 

This work plays a crucial role for the University in terms of meeting the milestones included within the Access and Participation Plan each year.

Student recruitment

The team are also heavily involved in promoting Loughborough’s courses, facilities and key selling points to potential students. The Student Recruitment Officers based within the team are constantly forging links with local schools and colleges to ensure that we are building strong relationships with their teaching staff and speaking to their students. These activities include information and advice based presentations which discuss the key elements of the UCAS journey, and attending local and national conventions to engage with 1000s of potential students at a time.

Throughout the course of the year the team will also organise several on campus subject focused events to showcase specific courses, bespoke facilities and the campus as a whole.

Student Ambassador management

We have 180 Student Ambassadors employed to work and support activities both and on and off campus for various teams across the university. The recruitment, training and day to day management of this team (including pay claims and any outstanding HR issues) are managed by the School and College Liaison team.

Student Ambassadors are vital to event success, not only do they provide essential logistical support, but many visitors comment on their friendly nature and that this is a key selling point for them when selecting Loughborough as one of their UCAS choices. The team are committed to maintaining this quality year on year and to ensuring that Student Ambassadors are up to date on all of the latest developments taking place across the University.

If you would like to know more information regarding the team or you would be interested in supporting the work that we are carrying out then please feel free to get in touch.