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Gayle Abbott

Web Content and SEO Coordinator

Gail Aldridge

UG Admissions Assistant

Lisa Ambler

Senior Student Recruitment Officer

China Anya

Senior Outreach Officer (London)

Olivia Arnold

Sport Marketing Intern

Zeynep Arscott

International Officer

Stephen Ashurst

Senior Web Designer

Lynne Atkin

Accounts Manager

Paul Atkins

Design Team Leader

Fiona Baddeley

Admissions Officer (Postgraduate Taught)

Lu Bai

International Officer

Hannah Baldwin

Head of Corporate Communications

Gail Barham

PG Admissions Assistant

Alison Barlow

Engagement Manager

Julie Bedworth

Stock Controller

David Bell

Programme Co-ordinator

Paul Bembrick

Digital Designer

Mark Best

Print and Post Distribution Assistant

Hannah Billington

Digital Media and Engagement Assistant

Emma Binns

Social Media and Digital Engagement Officer

Hayley Boereboom

Development Manager – Charitable Trusts and Foundations

Yvonne Bott

Print Assistant

Carol Bowley

Print and Post Customer Services Assistant

Emily Boyes

Graphic and Digital Designer

Shirley Braddock

Print Estimator

Becky Brewin

PG Admissions Assistant

David Britland

Database Officer

Naomi Brown

PG Admissions Assistant (SBE)

Will Burns

Regional Manager

Emma Burr

Database Officer- EMWPREP

Alicia Butterfield

Regional Manager

Emily Capewell

STEM Project Officer

Frances Capps

PG Admissions Assistant (SBE)

Fred Carecci

Print Assistant

Matthew Carpenter-Jewels

Development Officer (Appeals)

Charlie Carter

Director of International Office

Jenny Carter

Administrative Assistant

Stephen Carter

Print and Post Distribution Assistant

Rachel Cassell

School Marketing Co-ordinator (Design and Creative Arts)

Matt Cawrey

Print Account Handler

Alan Chaplin

Prospect Research Officer

Emma Church

Partnership Manager - EMWPREP

Helen Clarke

Print and Post Services Manager

Tom Clarke

Self-service Print Administrator

Julie Collett

UG Admissions Assistant (SBE)

Joanna Collier

PG Admissions Assistant

Emily Conlon

Market Research Assistant

Charlotte Connor

UG Senior Admissions Assistant (SBE)

Helen Cook

UG Admissions Assistant

Megan Cox

PR and Communications Officer

Helen Curtis

Evaluation Officer - EMWPREP

Ella Cusack

Recruitment Marketing Intern

Chris Dackombe

Admissions Officer (Data and Projects)

Becky Daly

CRM and Conversion Co-ordinator

Bex Davis

London Marketing Officer

Charlotte Davison

International Officer

Sophie Dinnie

Communications Assistant

Nichola Doherty

Print and Post Customer Services Assistant

Clare Drummond

School Marketing Officer (Social Sciences & Humanities)

Jon Duckworth

School Marketing Officer (Science)

Martin Duke

Video Producer

Kieran Dye

Sport Marketing and Communications Manager

Jess East

Events Officer

Martyn Edwards

Director of Marketing and Advancement

George Etherington

Graphic and Digital Designer

Jess Excell

Student Ambassador Coordinator

Caroline Feeley

International Partnerships Manager

Chris Felton

Print and Post Distribution Assistant

Sarah Fisher

Engagement Assistant

Rachel Fitzpatrick

Marketing Officer (LU Arts)

Andrew Flather

Senior Development Manager

Claire Fletcher

Events Officer

Fleur Fogden

Prospect Research Officer

Simon Foster

Deputy Director of International Office

Peter Fountain

School Marketing Officer (Business and Economics)

Fiona Fowkes

Database Partnership Officer

Alison Freer

Head of Brand, Creative and Print Services

Jacqui Goodwin

Print Estimator

Esther Grammer

Senior Graphic Designer

Sadie Gration

Internal Communications Officer

Julie Green

PG Admissions Assistant

Nicola Griffin

PA to Director of Marketing & Advancement

Jolene Hall

Sales and Business Development Executive

Sarah Hannaford

Head of Student Recruitment, Marketing and Admissions

Joanna Hayes

UG Admissions Assistant

Lynsey Heap

Publications Officer

Terry Henson

Print and Post Distribution Assistant

David Hollis

Senior Outreach Officer (Pre 16)

Dan Holmes

PG Marketing Coordinator (maternity cover for Roxy Simmons)

Hannah Hopkins

School Marketing Co-ordinator – Engineering (AACME)

Lyn Hough

Senior PG Admissions Assistant

Laura Hutchinson

Senior Development Manager

Richard Jackson

Print and Post Customer Services Assistant

Danielle Jarvis

Senior International Assistant

Ian Jepson

Senior Graphic Designer

Ann Jones

UG Admissions Assistant (SBE)

Sally Jones

UG Marketing Coordinator

Ewelina Kalisz

Print and Post Customer Service Assistant

Karen Keith

School Marketing Projects Officer (Design and Creative Arts)

Dipti Khatri


Charlotte Kirkman

Front-end Developer

Nina Kitcher

Events Manager

Anna Leather

Research and Enterprise Marketing Manager

Imogen Llewellyn

UG Admissions Assistant

Abbie Loney

Market Research, Evaluation and Policy Manager

Wendy MacDonald

PG Admissions Manager

Rachel Mackenzie

Digital Projects and Campaigns Officer

Alex MacTavish

PG Admissions Assistant

Paula Malins

Research and Enterprise Marketing Officer

Suzanne Marriott

Senior UG Admissions Assistant

Leanne McCarthy

School Marketing Intern (Social Sciences & Humanities)

Natasha McGregor

PG Admissions Assistant

Vicky Meldrum

Project and International Marketing Officer

Anna Milewska

Student Recruitment Officer

Kusum Mistry

International Assistant

Manisha Mistry

School Marketing Co-ordinator (Science)

Madhu Modhwadia

PG Admissions Assistant

Jayne Moorhouse


Josh Morris

Front-end Developer

Sarah Musgrave

Supporter Relations Officer

Clarissa Musson

Graphic Designer

Andrew Newton

Senior Print and Post Distribution Assistant

Katy Noble

Admissions Officer (WP and Qualifications)

Jess Northfield

Sport Marketing and Communications Officer

Dave Norton

UG Admissions Manager

Laura O'Neill

Admin Assistant (Events)

Elinor Oultram-Turner

School Marketing Manager

Lucy Pandit

International Officer (maternity cover)

Josie Parr

Marketing and Communications Assistant (LU Arts)

Matt Parry

Student Recruitment Officer

Bindu Patel

Marketing Assistant

Nita Patel

School Marketing Officer (Engineering)

Lis Payne

Development Officer

Amy Perry

Events Officer

Michelle Phillips

Print and Post Customer Service Supervisor

Shirley Pike

PG Admissions Assistant

Jane Poate

Web Content Editor

Michelle Pollard

Print and Post Customer Services Assistant

Matthew Poynton

Deputy Print Service Manager

Hannah Preston

Student Recruitment Intern

Rebecca Proctor

UG Admissions Assistant

Laura Purseglove

Producer, Radar

Hasna Rahman

Senior International Assistant

Charlotte Ramshaw

UG Admissions Assistant

Paul Redfern

Market Research Officer

Rob Reeves

Regional Manager

Helen Relf

UG Admissions Assistant

Dom Richardson

Video Producer

Dawn Roberts

PG Programmes Administrator (Admissions) (SBE)

Harbinder Sangha

Web Content and SEO Officer

Stephan Schulz

Print Finisher

Mick Sharp

Pre-Press Administrator

Chris Shaw

Senior Printer

Marie Shaw

Senior Outreach Officer (Post 16)

Jon Shears

Senior Visual Production Officer

Jan Short

Database Support Assistant

Roxy Simmons

PG Marketing Coordinator

Nick Slater

Director of LU Arts

Richard Slater

Administrative Assistant

Steven Smalley

School Marketing Co-ordinator (Business and Economics)

Marc Smith

Operations Officer (Marketing)

Tom Smith

Prospect Research & Database Officer

Ben Spencer

Web Designer / Developer

Amy Statham

School Marketing Officer (Design & Creative Arts)

Sue Stephenson

Deputy Post Services Manager

Louisa Stevens

Business Administrator (Creative & Print Services)

Joanne Taylor

Creative and Print Operations Assistant

Rachel Third

Head of Philanthropy

Mani Thompson

International Assistant

Ally Thorne

Engagement Intern

Ally Thorne

School Marketing Intern (Business & Economics)

Louise Tomlinson

Administrative Assistant

Dan Trussell

Sport PR Officer

Helina Turbel

School Marketing Co-ordinator - Engineering (ABCE)

Sue Upton

UG Admissions & Recruitment Administrator (SBE)

Dane Vincent

Video Journalist

Harry Waddle

School Marketing Officer (Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences)

Jenny Walker

School Marketing Co-ordinator - Engineering (MEME)

Taylor Walker

Pathways Hub and Events Assistant

Jonathan Walters

Web and Digital Manager

Pete Warzynski

PR Officer

Stephanie White

Development Officer

Kirsty Wilkinson

School and College Liaison Manager

Erin Williams

Philanthropy Assistant

Katie Wilson

Engagement Officer

Phil Wilson


Robert Wilson

Conversion Officer

Judy Wing

PR Manager

Sophie Yang

International Officer

Bethan Zeidler

Sport Marketing Coordinator

Saiyaf Zulfecar

Outreach Assistant