Alumni engagement

We provide alumni with benefits and opportunities as well as encourage them to continue supporting the University by donating or volunteering their time.

The Engagement team work with alumni and friends of the University to help them develop a lifelong connection to Loughborough.

We actively support a global population of over 168,000 alumni across the world to ensure our graduates have opportunities to network and develop beneficial connections and relationships with each other. Our alumni play a crucial role in Loughborough’s Building Excellence strategy and the team also works to engage former students as advocates, experts, employers and donors to the University.

Over 70,000 alumni are contacted monthly via the alumni e-newsletter and to engage new people in the activities of the University, we invite them to events such as annual reunions, networking receptions, and sports events.

We are involved with Graduation – hosting Honorary Graduates and their families at the ceremonies. We also work alongside an Alumni Advisory Board made up of 15 alumni who support the Engagement team’s activities.

Development Operations

The Development Operations team is responsible for managing and maintaining the University’s alumni database (The Raiser’s Edge), ensuring that data is accurate and secure.

The team helps to support the University’s alumni relations and fundraising activities by providing relevant information, insight and evaluation of programmes. This involves using insights from our own database, complemented by research from a range of sources.

The Careers Network and Enterprise teams use the database to manage relationships with their contacts at organisations and are supported as users by the Development Operations team.