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Service Request FAQs

What's the lifecycle of a Service Request?

How do I report a problem?

Loughborough University now uses the Archibus system to report, manage and report on reactive maintenance jobs. Click here to report your problem to or request a small project from Facilities Management.

N.B. If your problem is urgent or an emergency you should phone call the FM Service Desk immediately on 01509 222121.

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What happens to my Service Request?

Your service request is routed to the most appropriate work team automatically by Archibus. This workflow is driven by the building and problem types that specify against your request, which is why it is vital to complete as much information in your request as possible. Sometimes the routing is not quite correct, or a problem type does not accurately describe the actual problem. In these cases, the Tradesperson that has been assigned your service request is able to forward the request on to the most appropriate work team. You will be able to see this activity in the "History" section on your service request in Archibus.

Once your service request is in progress, the assigned Tradesperson should add notes to the request that explain progress. If the job is delayed for any reason, the Tradesperson should update the "status" as well as enter notes on the request to accurately record progress.

Once the job is complete, the Tradesperson should update the status to "Complete" and enter notes to explain what has been done to resolve the problem/complete the job. Eventually, your service request status will be updated by the Team Leader of the work team to "Closed", which moves it into "Archived Requests" in Archibus.

How do I view my current Service Requests?

  • Log in to Archibus
  • Click the "View Maintenance Service Requests" link in the left-hand navigation
  • View currently active Service Requests on the "Select" tab
  • Click the "Select" button on a request to view the details

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How do I view my historical Service Requests?

  • Log in to Archibus
  • Click the "View Maintenance Service Requests" link in the left-hand navigation
  • View closed jobs by clicking on the "Archived Requests" tab
  • Click the "Select" button on a request to view the details

Watch the guidance video

How do I know who to contact about my Service Request?

The main contact for any queries on your Service Request is the Team Leader of the Work Team responsible for fulfilling your Service Request. Their name and contact telephone number can be found by following the instructions for viewing your Service Requests and looking for the field "Service Desk Manager":

You can also find the email address of the Team Leader by searching the Outlook address book.

In an active Service Request, you can also view the assigned Tradesperson(s) by looking in the "History" section of your Service Request; this is currently only the LU username of the Tradesperson, but you can search on this field in the Outlook address book to ascertain the name of the person:


T‌he "History" section is currently only populated for active Service Requests, i.e. it is hidden from "Archived Requests". This function will be extended to "Archived Requests" in the future.

How do I request minor project work?

Although the terminology within Archibus is geared towards reporting a problem, you should also use the "Report a Problem" form to request minor project work.

Enter your location details, choose the most appropriate problem types and then fully describe the work you are wanting to be undertaken. If the Service Request has gone to the wrong Work Team, the Team Leader will forward the Service Request to the most appropriate colleague in FM. If the work needs further discussion, the Team Leader or assigned Tradesperson should make contact with you. If you wish to make contact with the Team Leader, follow the instructions under "How do I know who to contact", or watch the guidance video.

How long will it take to complete my Service Request?

Work is generally completed upon a first-come-first-served basis, but importance is assessed by Team Leaders and Tradespersons, leading to appropriate prioritisation. This may be particularly appropriate where a problem is affecting the Student Experience.

Jobs classed as urgent or an emergency should be phoned through to the FM Service Desk (or the Security Office if out of office hours) and will be prioritised above other work. These jobs will also be loaded onto Archibus by the team member of the Service Desk who took the call, but the LU username and full name of the person calling will be registered as the "Requestor".

If you have any queries about the length of time taken to fulfil your Service Request, you should contact the Team Leader of the Work Team responsible for the work. To find contact details, follow the instructions for "How do I know who to contact" or watch the guidance video.

Will I receive update notifications?

You can log in to Archibus and view the status and historical workflow steps of your Service Request at any time. Email notifications are not currently sent from Archibus, but this feature is due to be introduced in the coming months.

How and when will I be contacted?

The "Clean Flow" for Service Requests states that as a Requestor you should expect to be contacted by your assigned Tradesperson/Team Leader for them to:

  1. Arrange assessment of the work (if applicable)
  2. Arrange undertaking the work at a mutually convenient time
  3. Confirm the work has been undertaken to a satisfactory standard

What about multi-trade jobs?

If the work to be undertaken to fulfil your Service Request requires attendance from multiple Trades (for example, an electrician to wire a new socket followed by a decorator to re-plaster and paint the wall), the Tradesperson or Team Leader that is initially assigned to your Service Request will use the "Link Job" function in Archibus. This allows them to raise a linked Service Request to a new Work Team, where they will specify the work that needs to be undertaken. The original Service Request will remain open until all linked request have been completed. You will be able to track the status and history of a linked Service Request in exactly the same way as any other Service Request.

How do I see other Service Requests in my building?

There are currently two main roles that Requestors can be assigned in Archibus. Each one has different permissions appropriate to the job role of the person:

General user - A General User can only see their own Service Requests for any location on site. The exception to this rule is if a location and problem type is entered into the "Report a Problem" form that matches one that is very similar to a Service Request that has already been raised. At that point, Archibus opens a dialog box that allows you to either link your Service Request to one already in the system, or you can choose to not link the Service Requests and continue to riase one in isolation. You can, of course, cancel raising a Service Request if the problem is identical.

Building Administrator - Being assigned this role means that a user can see all Service Requests for a building or set of buildings, as well as your own Service Requests for any location on site. This role requires approval by a manager, along with a specified set of buildings that this access is applicable to. To request this access, please have your manager email the Facilities Information Team.

Will I be able to sign-off my Service Request?

The "Clean Flow" states that your Tradesperson should contact you to ascertain that the work has been undertaken to a satisfactory standard. At present, a Tradesperson can mark a Service Request as "Complete" without any further system input from the Requestor.