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Support for graduates

Careers Network continues to support graduates after leaving Loughborough University. Whether you need advice on career direction, help with job hunting and making applications or support for moving on in your career, our professional staff are here to guide you.

2019 Graduates

As a 2019 graduate you still have full access to the services provided by Careers Network.  Some of the information on our Support for finalists page will be really useful, in particular:

The University's Careers Online service lists thousands of vacancies a year which are placed by employers who have a specific interest in Loughborough students and graduates. As a graduate you will need to re-register and ‘sign up’ with us, but this is simple to do via the link above.

Our Make applications web pages provide advice on all aspects of  the job application process including writing effective CVs, polishing your interview technique and performing well at assessment centres and in employer tests.

You can get in touch with Careers Network by phone on 01509 222039 or  email via You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest news and information.

2018 Graduates

Congratulations on graduating in 2018, we hope that your year has been going well since then.

If you're not quite where you wanted to be in your career yet, don't panic, the 2018 graduates team is on hand to help.

We can help you with:

  • Job applications - CVs, cover letters, application forms, portfolios
  • Interviews - advice and mock interviews
  • Finding relevant opportunties
  • Career direction (if you're not sure what you want to do)
  • Finding and applying for postgraduate study
  • Any other queries

Sound good? Get in touch with:

Kate Robotham, Careers Consultant:, 01509 228441

Sophie Flight, Employability and Employer Support Officer,, 01509 222329

Also, a new national survey, capturing the activities and perspectives of graduates, is launching this year. Your responses to the Graduate Outcomes survey will be crucial in allowing current and future Loughborough students to make informed choices, so we encourage you to take part when you are contacted.

Supporting graduates into the future

Graduated within the last 3 years

As a recent graduate you can access our full range of services to help you clarify and achieve your goals, including our appointments, events, and careers fairs.

Graduated more than 3 years ago

After 3 years you can still access our online resources, view our vacancies and attend our events. As our expertise is most relevant to students and recent graduates, we will refer you to alternative sources of career support. 

Many professional bodies provide tailored careers advice, there are a number of private career consultants offering advice and guidance and a great starting point is the UK National Careers Service who can offer a free one-to-one appointment.

Choosing a career

If you are unsure about what career to pursue, it’s important to invest time researching this rather than applying for jobs that you’re unsure about. The Research your career and Options with your degree pages can help with this.

We also recommend joining our professional networking platform for the Loughborough Community Lboro Connect where Lboro students and alumni can build knowledge and share experiences through networking and mentoring.

If you have graduated in the last 3 years, and would like to discuss your plans with a member of our team, you can book a career consultation by telephoning us on 01509 222039.

Job hunting

A great place to find job websites specific to your discipline is the options with your degree page, select your school and then your course and then click on the 'Resources to find experience, placements and graduate jobs' drop-down.

Prospects can also be helpful for finding tailored opportunities. Click on the profile or job you are interested in and scroll down to the 'Employers' section to find links to relevant job websites.

Our Find Jobs and opportunities page also provides information on the different types of jobs available to graduates and links to a number of sources to help you find jobs and opportunities to apply for.

CVs, applications, interviews and assessment centres

For help producing high quality CVs, covering letters and applications, as well as preparing effectively for interviews and assessment centres, visit our Make applications webpages. 

Further tips and advice can also be found in the guidebook:

If you graduated within the last 3 years and have an interview and/or assessment centre coming up, book an appointment with a member of our team and ask us about upcoming mock assessment centres run jointly by employers and Careers Network.

Postgraduate study

Further study can demonstrate enhanced technical and transferable skills and a commitment to your subject.  More information and useful links can be found on our Postgraduate study webpages, including

  • Types of postgraduate courses and choosing the right course
  • Reasons for choosing to apply
  • Advantages and disadvantages of postgraduate study

Further study at Loughborough

Loughborough University now has two great campuses, offering students the choice to study either in Loughborough or at our new campus in London.  There are over 100 taught courses and a wide range of pioneering research opportunities at the University.

If you are a Loughborough graduate thinking of applying for a postgraduate course at either campus, you could receive up to 20% off the tuition fees dependent upon the course and funding type. You can also investigate the new loans for master’s degrees recently announced by the government.

For advice on choosing a course the right course for you, we recommend you contact the postgraduate admissions tutor for the School you wish to join.  You can also attend one of our postgraduate open days where you can speak to current master’s students to find out about their experiences of studying at the next level.

For further information order a prospectus or view it on-line.

Further study at other institutions

Many graduates choose to continue their studies elsewhere in the UK or overseas.   To search opportunities online, see: 

To find out more about postgraduate study in other countries, click through to our Postgraduate study webpages.

Relocating and managing your money

The Student Advice and Support Service provide information and advice on finance and housing, and can offer advice to recent graduates on challenges or questions you may have. Of particular help is their new 2018 guide for graduates

Keeping motivated

It’s very easy to feel discouraged if you don’t find a job straight away. The tips below could help you stay motivated:

  1. Have a clear plan of where you want to get to (e.g. company, job), and give yourself targets on a weekly basis that are then broken down into daily targets.
  2. Develop a support network. This includes people you can talk openly to and positive influences.
  3. Reward yourself for completing tasks and achieving goals. Instead of basing ‘success’ on whether you get a job or not, recognising steps along the way will give you a regular sense of achievement.
  4. Use visualisation techniques to keep your goal in your mind. This will enable you to see your current challenges in a different way. Visualisation can also be used to help you relax and do well in upcoming tasks.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal. This strategy is recommended by many professionals as a way of training your brain to stay positive. You can record good things that happen, however small, and things you are grateful for on a daily basis.
  6. Adopt motivational interview techniques. For example, imagine yourself in 3 years’ time if you gave up making an effort and just settled for where you are now. Then imagine yourself in 3 years’ time having secured the job you want because you took the risk to step outside your comfort zone.
  7. Recognise when you feel stressed. Techniques such as muscle relaxation, mindfulness and walking can help alleviate this.


For further information and strategies, check out the following:

The Daily Muse - advice on how to manage your wellbeing when job searching isn’t going well

Careercake - How to stay motivated while job hunting (YouTube video)

The Balance Careers - Tips for staying positive while job searching

Continuing your Lboro Journey

As a graduate of Loughborough University you can still keep in touch with students, staff and alumni by signing up to Lboro Connect and have access to services such as mentoring, work shadowing and insight days.

You might also be able to help support a student following in your footsteps, by:
  • offering to be a mentor
  • providing career insights
  • contributing a profile of your career
  • hosting a student to 'work shadow' you in your workplace
  • providing a placement or internship opportunity for a Loughborough student or graduate
  • encouraging your company to recruit more graduates from Loughborough

If you would like to help with any of the above please contact the Careers Network team on 01509 222052 or email

As a graduate you are entitled to become a member of Loughborough University Alumni Association and can benefit from a range of alumni events and opportunities.  To find out more contact the Alumni Relations Office on 01509 228497 or email