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How to use Target Connect

Target Connect is available for the use of Loughborough University students, graduates and research staff.

Through Target Connect you can:

  • Sign up to events
  • Book 20 minute Careers Advice appointments
  • Look for employer information
  • Search for placement and job vacancies
  • Follow pathways for advice on popular topics

(Whilst every effort has been made, not all vacancies have been vetted by Careers Network.)

Graduates and Research Staff - Registration

If you are a graduate or a member of Loughborough University Research Staff you will need to register for a Graduate account.

For Graduates

You will be asked to provide some details about you and the course you studied. Once we receive this information we will approve your account (subject to confirmation as a Loughborough Graduate) and you will receive your login details via the email address you provide.

If you have any problems please contact or telephone 01509 222765.

For Research Staff

Click on Target Connect for Graduates and Research Staff. You will be required to provide the following student information, so please use the suggested alternatives:

  • Student number - please provide your staff number in its place.
  • Degree graduated with - please enter the subject nearest to your current research area.
  • Graduation date - please provide the approximate date your started your contract.
  • Details - please state you are research staff.

If you have any problems please contact or telephone 01509 222765.

If you are a research student (PhD) please follow the instructions for students.