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Make applications

Photo of students writing an application

To perform successfully in applications and interviews, careful preparation is essential. Careers Network provides resources, presentations and events on all stages of the recruitment process, as well as offering individual advice on CVs, application and interview techniques, employer tests and assessment centres.

Research and prepare

The secret to any successful application (and interview) is doing your background research before you start. By reading the vacancy carefully, learning about the organisation and exploring the role, industry and sector, you will be more effective at targeting your applications. Learning about skills employers seek will help you identify your strengths and evidence the relevant ones. Work out your unique selling points (USPs) and use positive action words to make a more powerful impact, online and in person.

If you have a disability, you may wish to make the employer aware and enquire about potential reasonable adjustments for the application process. Read more on our Supporting disabled students page.

Access individual help

To get support with any written documents you have drafted, or advice at any stage of the recruitment process, drop in to one of our Careers Hubs or book an appointment to chat to a member of the Careers Network team.  They will be happy to provide feedback and advise on your next steps.

Be resourceful

For every stage of the application and recruitment process there are some great resources to help you.  Click on the relevant pages below and head over to the Careers Network Learn Module CA007.