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July 9th 2020 

The Employer Engagement Team is continuing to engage with a range of organisations (large and small, domestic and international, new and old). We are really keen to hear from you and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Save the date. We are pleased to announce that our Autumn Careers Fair will be running from October 19th – 23rd October. This years event will be a digital extravaganza with a range of opportunities available to you, ensuring you still have the chance to engage with our fantastic students. We are finalising a few things before we begin to officially take bookings, in the meantime, please note down the dates and if you wish to have a discussion about the fair or any other engagement opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on

Alongside the weeklong fair, we will also be running a full Autumn schedule of events and activities, again, hopefully with the support of our fantastic employer partners. We are prioritising at this moment in time, our Autumn Fair announcement, but please be assured there will be other virtual opportunities to engage with our great students over the term and, hopefully, the return to some on-campus events later in the term and the new year. We will, of course, keep everyone posted with these types of updates.

For information about the university’s response to Covid-19 and helpful links and FAQs please visit our university website:

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