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Employer Tests

The majority of graduate recruiters use psychometric tests at some stage of their selection process. Research has shown that an effective preparation strategy can have a positive effect on your scores in these tests. For further information, advice and practice tests see the links below.

Current students can access a short recording entitled Top Tips for Employer Tests via the Careers Network Learn Page CA007

The practice tests below have been purchased under licence by Careers Network to give Loughborough students and graduates free access to these high quality test packages. You can access them on the Employer Tests page in the Careers toolkit. 

If you are a graduate and would like to use these tools, please email stating your full name and either your Student ID number or your degree course and year of graduation.

Graduates First

70+ candidate assessment tools to enable Loughborough students to practise for free.

A range of practice psychometric tests, including verbal, numerical, logical reasoning, situational judgement and personality tests, game-based assessments and video interview practice, along with example assessment centre exercises.  There is also a workstyle personality questionnaire and question identifier tool (QIT). The QIT will help you identify the types of competencies and questions that are likely to come up in any forthcoming interview.

Access Graduates First (making sure you are connected to the University Network, either on campus or via the VPN.)

Profiling for Success

A comprehensive suite of practice psychometric tests, including abstract reasoning skills, numerical reasoning skills, verbal reasoning skills, personality - Types Dynamics Indicator (based on Myers-Briggs), a learning styles indicator, values-based indicator of motivation and career interests inventory. 

Find out more in this 5 minute introductory video.

Access Profiling for Success (making sure you are connected to the University Network, either on campus or via the VPN.)

If you have a disability, and wish to disclose it to employers in recruitment processes, you will find the following guide helpful: