Prospective students

What to bring

A quick guide to what we provide and what we recommend you bring with you.

What we provide

  • Pillows (with the exception of Unite halls)
  • Kettle and toaster
  • Oven and microwave (self catered halls)
  • Combination microwave oven (5 day catered halls)
  • Fridge/freezer (in most halls)
  • Electric cooker with hob, oven and grill - self catered halls (plus Faraday large kitchen)
  • Induction hob and pans - 5 day catered halls (excluding Faraday large kitchen)
  • Curtains
  • Desk lamp 
  • Chair
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Vacuum cleaner/dustpan & brush
  • Bins
  • Toilet rolls (with the exception of en-suite rooms)

What we recommend you bring

  • Duvet, sheets and cover (please check the bed size in your room first - see our Hall of residence pages for more information)
  • Pillows (for Unite Halls)
  • Towels and tea towels
  • Coat hangers
  • Mugs and your own crockery and cutlery
  • Start-up groceries
  • Cooking utensils and saucepans (self-catered halls)
  • Toilet rolls (en-suite & shared en-suite)

Personal electrical items should confirm to European Standards and display the CE make on the cable or plug. Cables should not be trailed across the floor as these could cause a trip hazard.

You can purchase a lot of these essentials as part of a starter pack and they will be here for when you arrive, it also saves having to pack them!

What not to bring

For your safety, there are a number of items that are not allowed in your accommodation:

  • Personal heaters
  • Kettles
  • Chip pans and deep fat fryers
  • Rice cookers
  • Grills of any kind
  • Indoor BBQ trays
  • Electric blankets
  • Clip-on desk lamps
  • Candles or incense sticks
  • Cube adaptors
  • Refrigerators (unless for medical use, subject to prior approval and supplied by us)
  • Pets
  • E-Scooters
  • Electronic diffusers
  • Extra furniture
  • Fireworks
  • Door wedges - wedging of doors is not permitted in any area
  • needles for recreational use (hobbies or sports)