Doctoral research

If you're interested in joining a dynamic community of talented researchers from around the world to explore research questions that matter, we would like to hear from you.

Our research topics

Within the International Business, Strategy and Innovation group we are especially keen to receive PhD research proposals in the following areas:

Entrepreneurship in emerging markets / internationalisation strategies

  • What are the internationalisation strategies for high performance among firms?
  • How to advance globalisation through effective global sourcing?

Culture-strategy nexus in global organisations

  • How can human mobility and international knowledge spill overs be utilised for firm success?
  • What are the specific conditions for effective cross-cultural management and team working?

Social innovations and entrepreneurship / digital innovations and development

  • How can public-sector innovations achievement more with less?
  • How to revolutionise the financial sector through fintech innovations?

Strategy and performance in complex environments

  • How should corporate governance be designed for international business success?
  • When to utilise information technology in the strategic decision-making process?

Please feel free to browse our group members to identify a potential supervisor(s), develop your research proposal, share this with the identified supervisor(s) and confirm they are willing to be named in support of your application. You are encouraged to ask for feedback from them to develop your research proposal. Then you should be ready to formally apply.