Water Engineering and Development Centre

WEDC Posters

Here is the list of WEDC posters relating to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) subjects, with links to A3 pdf files.

P001 Latrine slabs

P002 Water treatment

P003 Personal hygiene

P004 The F Diagram

P004FR The F Diagram in French

P005 Sanitary seals

P006 Guidelines for handwashing

P007 Drainage from a water point

P008 Handwashing bottle

P009 The Mukombe

P010 Simple pit latrines

P011 Pour flush latrines

P012 Off-set pour-flush latrines

P013 Twin-pit latrines 1

P014 Twin-pit latrines 2

P015 VIP latrines

P016 Spiral VIP latrines

P017 Twin-pit VIP latrines

P018 Borehole latrines

P019 Elevated latrines

P020 Raised latrines

P021 A guide to sanitation selection

P022 Foot-operated hole covers for pit latrines

P023 A quick way of measuring turbidity

P024 Open defecation fields in emergencies

P025 Shallow trench latrines for emergencies

P026 Deep trench latrines for emergencies

P027 Handpump installation Part 1 of 3

P028 Handpump installation Part 2 of 3

P029 Handpump installation Part 3 of 3

P030 Reciprocating and rotary handpump actions

P031 Types of reciprocating handpumps

P032 Direct action handpumps

P033 Reducing waste at water points

P034 The Blair bucket pump

P035 The rope and washer pump

P036 Pumping principles

P037 The water cycle

P038 The Vergnet pump

P039 The Volanta handpump

P040 The Tara handpump

P041 The UPM pump

P042 The Afridev handpump

P043 The India Mark III handpump

P044 The Rower pump technical_details

P045 The Rower pump-seated and standing designs

P046 Suction pumps

P047 The Treadle pump

P048 The Canzee pump

P049 Deepwell handpumps

P050 How deepwell handpumps work

P051 Cylindrical diaphragm pumps

P052 Progressive cavity pumps

P053 The Pulsa pump

P054 The Joma pump

P055 A comparison of pump types

P056 Safe location of a water point

P057 A typical arrangement for an apron slab

P058 Design details for an apron slab

P059 Raised handpump and drainage

P060 Assessment and design of emergency sanitation

P061 Boreholes for water points

P062 Handpumps overview

P063 SanPlats

P064 Ferrocement water tanks