Water Engineering and Development Centre


Hydrodynamics, Fluvial Processes and Catchment Management

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We use field measurements, experiments, mathematical techniques and numerical methods to study the movement of water through and over the earth’s surface from catchment to Kolmogorov scales.


  • Catchment and flood modelling and management
  • Ecohydrodynamics
  • Soil erosion
  • Contaminant transport
  • Shallow water numerical methods
  • Nonlinear analysis and signal processing
  • Turbulence physics

Recent Research Highlights

  • £210k research funding from NERC for a project entitled "COMPACT: The role of soil management in Catchment Flood Risk”. This will use novel field approaches such as GPR and CT scanning to quantify local soil characteristics and then upscale using a hydrological model to assess potential for Natural Flood Management.
  • In 2017, our work with colleagues at Southampton and Melbourne on the structure of turbulent boundary layers won the 2017 Fluid Dynamics Research prize.

Education and Training

Publications and Resources

Publications and resources are available in print or to download free of charge.