Water Engineering and Development Centre

Water Safety Plans: Book 3

Risk Assessment of Contaminant Intrusion into Water Distribution Systems

K Vairavamoorthy, S D Gorantiwar, J Yan, H M Galgale, M A Mohamed-Mansoor and S. Mohan

These books have been written specifically for practitioners involved in the operation, maintenance and management of piped water distribution systems in urban areas of developing countries. Practitioners include engineers, planners, managers, and water professionals involved in the monitoring, control and rehabilitation of water distribution networks.

Book 3 is a manual for using the developed software, IRA-WDS (Improved Risk Assessment for Water Distribution Systems), a Geographical Information System (GIS) that aids in evaluating the risk of deterioration of the water distribution network of a water supply system. The manual is a structured document and explains a step-by-step procedure for using the IRA-WDS, with examples.

The software IRA-WDS has been developed to evaluate risks to piped water distribution systems of urban areas in developing countries. Book 4 enables the use of this software. The software consists of three models, namely the Contaminant Ingress Model, Pipe Condition Assessment Model and Risk Assessment Model. The IRA-WDS is designed to use these models together or individually. This manual provides a step-by-step procedure for using these models and obtaining results.

260pp. (297/210) 2006

ISBN: 978 1 84380 102 3

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