Innovation and Impact In Education

For significant innovation and impact in education provision.

Winner: John Warren

John is an innovator. He consistently goes above and beyond in his role to devise new methods of teaching and new activities for students to learn from. He has been particularly effective and ambitious in developing new digital learning activities for our students, and has won Teaching Innovation and Best Practice Awards in this area.

Most recently, he led the development of 'Branching Scenarios' using H5P Software, and modifying Learn module pages to make them more interactive and engaging for students. John's impact is not limited to the students that he teaches, but reaches across the University as he is a frequent contributor to Learning and Teaching activities both within our School and as a member of the DigiLabs team.

John Warren receiving their VC award from the Vice-Chancellor, Nick Jennings
John Warren receiving their VC award from the Vice-Chancellor, Nick Jennings


Sara C-K-Reader

Sara inherited the arduous task of designing the first module of a new Graphic Design course that first years would face: ACA140 Graphic Design Contexts - a 20 credit module for 150 students. The module had to set a new tone for the course, re-establish the importance of the material world in an increasingly digital age, and welcome a diverse cohort to a very large institution.

On top of this, Sara has had to tackle and support students with diverse challenges, some of which the course has never had to deal with before. Despite these mammoth challenges, you could always count on Sara to be positive, smiling, and willing to lend an ear to any problems staff or students were having.

TEL Team

The TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) team are a group of experts when it comes to all things around technology enhancement for learning and teaching. Through creativity and excellent planning the team developed and launched TEL guides, which is a SharePoint site that brings together a whole world of resources and practical guides on how to apply technology to the learning environment.

The 'can do' attitude of the team and the collaborative way in which they approach their work creates a professional team of trusted experts that many staff across the University would be lost without.