Impactful Research and Innovation

For research and innovation that has delivered significant and sustained impact on society.

Winner: Tamarin Norwood

Dr Norwood’s research sits at the intersection of medical humanities, bereavement studies and creativity, including a focus on drawing and life-writing. Her research examines the intersection of creativity and death from a theoretical perspective. Her upcoming Leverhulme ECR Fellowship will redress inequalities inherited when research draws upon groups already accessing baby loss support.

By focussing on groups under-served by baby loss support (Black and Asian parents, parents of derived areas, fathers, non-birthing partners, LGBTQI+ parents), she will create and contextualise an inclusive picture of the distinct cultural and symbolic resonances of reproductive loss in the UK.

Tamarin Norwood receiving a VC award from the Vice-Chancellor, Nick Jennings
Tamarin Norwood receiving a VC award from the Vice-Chancellor, Nick Jennings


SDCA Design Ergonomics Team

In work spanning over thirteen years and over £1m funding, the SDCA team have achieved significant impact in the safety of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) across the 58 nations of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

This impact involves the definition of new UNECE standard (Regulation 167) which sets challenging minimum requirements for how much a HGV driver should be able to see directly (not through mirrors) from the driving position. The research generated compelling evidence from the UK STATS 19 accident database, tested vehicle direct vision performance using 3D CAD techniques and ultimately, contributed to the development of the standard.

Olivia Smith

Olivia is part of a female-led cohort of academics and practitioners who received £7M in funding from the UK Home Office to identify key issues and look to radically reform policing of serious sexual violence across England and Wales.

Despite the difficulties of such work over the past 18 months, and the many organisation barriers faced, Olivia and her team have begun to effect lasting radical reform in a way that will serve to improve the experience and possibility of securing justice for thousands of sexual assault and rape victims, making an innovative impact upon British policing in a way that many did not think was likely or possible.