Award categories

Our award categories are designed to reflect the University strategy, and to enable all staff to find a category that is aligned to the work they do. 

We recognise that there are many endeavours by colleagues across the University that enable success, support our staff and students, and make a significant contribution to the delivery of the University Strategy.

If you have any questions around which category a nomination for a team or individual is best aligned with, please have a chat with your manager or contact The VC Awards Team to discuss this. 

Further information around what the judges are keen to see in nominations for each of these categories and awards may be found on the submit a nomination page.

List of categories and awards

Research and Innovation

1. Impactful Research and Innovation

For research and innovation that has delivered significant and sustained impact on society and the environment.

2. Collaborative Research and Innovation

For driving forward collaborative partnerships across an institutional theme.

  • Sport, Health, and Wellbeing
  • Climate change and Net Zero
  • Vibrant & Inclusive Communities

3. Enabling Research

For creating the practical conditions that enable high-quality research.

Education and Student Experience

4. Innovation and Impact In Education

For significant innovation and impact in education provision.

5. Enhancing The Students' Academic Experience

For creating the conditions, both within and outside of our teaching spaces, that significantly enhance the student academic experience.

6. Enhancing Student Experience

For significant impact on the student experience across all aspects of their university life.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

7. EDI Enhancement

For activities that have made the University more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

8. Advocates and Allies

For activities that have progressed EDI, on behalf of others.

9. Enhancing Staff and Student Wellbeing and Experience

For activities that improved the health and wellbeing, and experience of the University’s staff and students.

International Engagement and Impact

10. International Partnerships

For achieving significant impact and outstanding outcomes through international collaborations and networks.

11. International Reputation

For outstanding international engagement that has enhanced the University’s global profile.

12. Global Community

For making a significant contribution to growing an inclusive community of students, staff, and alumni.

Sporting Excellence and Opportunity

13. Driving Force of Sporting Achievement

For outstanding leadership in sport achievement

14. Sports Advancement

For significant impact on sports policy, practice, and innovation.

15. Sport Enablement

For working in partnership to create the conditions for high performance.

Living The Values

16. Together

For activities that through working together (internally), have delivered significant improvements within the University, in line with our values.

17. Unsung Hero/Heroes

For an impressive response to a situation or vital work that deserves broader recognition.

18. Above and Beyond

For investing in and supporting the Loughborough University community by going above and beyond what is expected in their roles.

Submitting a nomination

We've put together some top tips and guidance to consider when making your nomination.

Nominations need to be submitted online by 6pm on Friday 31 May 2024.

How to write a nomination Submit a nomination