EDI Enhancement

For activities that have made the University more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

Winner: Library EDI Group

The Library’s EDI Group is being nominated for the effective, creative and collaborative manner in which it has pushed forward the EDI agenda by developing and surfacing Library collections and services to support EDI within the University.

The group has learnt from sector best practice, developed relationships with Staff networks and students, and worked with other services in cross-campus initiatives to ensure that EDI campaigns are amplified in the unique spaces the Library provides both physically and digitally.

Four members of the Library EDI Group receiving their VC Award from the Vice-Chancellor, Nick Jennings
Members of the Library EDI Group receiving their VC Award from the Vice-Chancellor, Nick Jennings


Recreational Sport Team

Nationally, only 47.5% of people living with a disability are physically active. I would like to nominate a small group of staff that have been proactive in ensuring anyone can engage in sport and physical activity at Loughborough.

In March 2023 these three staff spearheaded the second annual Loughborough Para Sport Take Over Week (PSTOW) to proactively engage students, staff, and community members in sustainable para (disability) sport opportunities. The week has become nationally recognised, with other Universities expressing interest in running their own takeover weeks.

Jo Simpson, Tony Edwards and Matt O’Dowd

We collaborated with West Ham Women’s WSL team to create a sector informing dual career pathway for players. This relationship saw Jo bring together Loughborough’s East Midlands campus with Loughborough in London, and Loughborough College.

The college team were tasked with creating a BTech syllabus, to be delivered from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park campus, where dead-space has been ringfenced for the delivery of an initiative synonymous with the University’s strategic ambition to build vibrant and inclusive communities.