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Dr Cristian Tileaga BSc Iasi, PhD Loughborough

Photo of Dr Cristian Tileaga

Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology.

Programme Director.

Cristian obtained his psychology degree from the University of lasi, Romania. In 2005 he completed his doctoral thesis on nationalism and prejudice in talk about ethnic minorities in the Dept. of Social Sciences at Loughborough University. He lectured at the University of East London before returning to Loughborough in September 2008.

Cristian’s current research interests include:

Critical social psychology of racism

This research strand centers on promoting critical alternatives to analyzing prejudice and racism in the public sphere, with an emphasis on the pivotal role of language use. The central focus of this approach is on the discursive respecification of dehumanization and social exclusion as crucial aspects in the reproduction of extreme prejudice against ethnic minority groups. Findings from this research strand have been published in Discourse & Society, British Journal of Social Psychology, Ethnicities, Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, and as a monograph titled The Nature of Prejudice: Society, Discrimination and Moral Exclusion (2016, Routledge).

Coming to terms with the communist past in Eastern Europe: individual and collective remembering

This research strand focuses on promoting discourse analytic approaches to analyzing lay and elite discourses around individual, social and political change after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. Data comes from a variety of sources: official national commemoration, accounts of social change and controversial political categories, individual confessions (apologia) for past wrongdoing (‘collaboration’ with the secret police), public reactions to moral transgression, and meanings attached to the notion of ‘trust’. Findings have been published in the British Journal of Social Psychology, Culture & Psychology, Discourse & Society, Discourse & Communication, Qualitative Psychology, and in various edited collections.

Social representations of national history

Drawing on discursive psychology, this research strand explores how the official political imaginary and histories of the (Romanian) communist/post-communist past are constructed in talk and text in the context of how post-communist democracies reckon with former regimes (with a special focus on the ‘Tismaneanu Report’ condemning communism in Romania). Findings have been published in Memory Studies, British Journal of Social Psychology, and Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science.

Some of Cristian’s key publications have been translated into Spanish, Hungarian and Romanian. 

Cristian has co-authored a chapter on political rhetoric with Susan Condor and Michael Billig (Loughborough) for the 2nd edition of the Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology. He has also co-edited a special issue of the British Journal of Social Psychology (with Martha Augoustinos) to celebrate twenty five years of discursive psychology at Loughborough, and a special section of Qualitative Psychology (with Jovan Byford, in press) on the use of archives in psychology. Cristian is on the editorial board of Qualitative Psychology (APA journal) and several other international peer-review academic journals based in Romania, Brasil, and Germany.

Introduction to Social Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Political Psychology, Social Psychology Project.


Journal articles:

  • Tileaga, C. (in press) Extending the social psychology of racism: A framework for critical analysis, in Hammack, P. (ed) The Oxford Handbook of Social Psychology and Social Justice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Byford, J. and Tileaga, C. (2016, in press) Accounts of a troubled past: Psychology, history and texts of experience. Qualitative Psychology, *.*
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