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Dr Julie Holland

Photo of Dr  Julie Holland

Director, Executive Education

University Teacher in Enterprise

Deputy Head of International Business, Strategy and Innovation

Work-based learning; unlearning; innovation management

Julie began her academic career in 1990 at the University of Nottingham where she lectured and researched in pharmaceutical microbiology and vaccine development.  Following a secondment into the medical devices industry she returned to Nottingham University to take on a more active role in university enterprise and research commercialisation. 

In 2002, she became Director of the East Midlands NHS Innovation Hub, a commercialisation office for primary and secondary care NHS trusts.

Since 2005, Julie has lectured at Loughborough University in enterprise education and executive education. In 2011, Julie became the Director of the Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Development, established to develop formal enterprise education across the University.  In addition to teaching on undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and executive education programmes, Julie specialises in teaching business topics to non-business school students (e.g., engineers).  She also contributes to the Year in Enterprise programme where undergraduate students can spend their placement year running their own start up business.

In addition to her academic roles, Julie has been a Director of two bioscience SMEs and is actively involved in SME support.  

  • Honorary Fellow of Enterprise Educators UK
  • Quality advisor for degree apprenticeships
  • Member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools Research group investigating the role of business schools in delivering student enterprise across the university
  • Trustee of a healthcare charity

Research interests:

  • Work-based learning and unlearning
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Management education



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