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Dr Antonio Russo PhD in Economics, Toulouse School of Economics

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Lecturer in Economics

Economics of Digital Platforms, Transport Economics, Public Economics, Industrial Organization.

  • Multi-part tariffs and differentiated commodity taxation. Forthcoming, RAND Journal of Economics (with A. D’Annunzio and M. Mardan)
  • Ad networks and consumer tracking. Forthcoming, Management Science (with A. D’Annunzio)
  • The Political Economy of Cordon Tolls. Journal of Urban Economics 105 (2018), 133-148 (with B. De Borger)
  • The Political Economy of Pricing Car Access to Downtown Commercial Districts. Transportation Research B 98C (2017), 76-93 (with B. De Borger)
  • Network Neutrality and Internet Fragmentation: the Role of Online Advertising. International Journal of Industrial Organization 43 (2015), 30-47 (with A. D`Annunzio)