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Dr Alok Choudhary B Tech (India), PhD (Loughborough), FHEA

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Reader in Supply Chain Management

Sustainability, Supply Chain Management, Circular economy, Sustainable Logistics, Sustainability risk, Supply chain resilience

Dr Alok Choudhary is a Reader in Supply Chain Management. He joined Loughborough University in 2014. He was the Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies (2017-2019) and led transformational changes related to the portfolio of UG programmes. His leadership roles include being a Programme Director, International Advisory Board Member, Strategic Advisor for Global Partnerships, Leader of Decision Sciences India Network, and SBE Leader for the University Research Challenge. Previously, he was a Lecturer and Founding Director of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management PG Programme at Sheffield University Business School (Other Leadership Roles: Deputy Director of Post Graduate Admissions; Rolls Royce Module Leader; CIPS Accreditation Lead)

In 2019, Alok received the prestigious "Calibre Award" for the global impact of research by the Vice-Chancellor, recognizing his research as "the best" across the University. He was inducted to the #LboroGameChangers (among 15 selected from across the University) for his path-breaking research on "Creating Sustainable Supply Chain”

Alok is an internationally renowned and established authority in logistics and supply chain management with a focus on sustainability issues.  Alok acts as an expert reviewer and rapporteur for research funding agencies in the UK, India, Belgium, France, Portugal, and the European Commission. In 2016, Alok, in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, founded the UK Forum for Supply Chain Sustainability, a unique network of 25 leading business partners, driving industry-academia collaboration. He leads this network to enhance research impact on companies, policies, and knowledge exchange. To date, more than 200 businesses from across the UK have benefited through the forum activities.

Alok led interdisciplinary, industry-driven, and impact-focused research and consulting projects (as PI or Co-I) over £2.5 Million funded by the European Commission, EuropeAid, Innovate UK, EPSRC, ESRC, HEFCE, British Council and the other sources for Ph.D. Studentships. Alok has more than 100 publications, including 50 in world-leading or internationally excellent journals. He has a track record of demonstrating the practical application of research with companies including Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Carbon Trust, Fluiconnecto, TATA Group, Safex Group, Interserve, Infineon, etc. He led initiatives and influenced regional policies through LEP, Carbon Trust, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Alok’s research intersects supply chain management, sustainability, and data analytics. He has used data analytics methods to investigate efficient, resilient, and sustainable supply chain decision making with a focus on the following areas:

  1. Developing industry-specific decision support tools, frameworks, and business models to help managers and organisations to make difficult and complex decisions to increase resource efficiency and sustainability for designing and managing the supply chain
  2. Analytical and empirical models for sustainability including water footprinting, circular economy, and resource efficiency
  3. Application of big data analytics (multi-criteria decision making, optimization, data mining, and social media analytics) for global logistics and supply chain decision making

More recently, Alok’s research interests lie in developing novel theory for the manifestation of sustainability-related outcomes, including sustainability risk, water risk, and climate change risk. He brought strategic investing, innovation, and sustainability risk and applied econometric modeling of panel data using constructs, including supply chain integrity, temporal orientation, and environmental and social practices.

Last 4 Years (Selected)

  • 2019: Selected as #LboroGameChangers by the VC’s Office for global impact of research (one of the only two from the SBE)
  • 2019: Awarded “Calibre Award” by the University for world-class research across all disciplines in the University
  • 2019: Awarded “University Fellowship” for strengthening collaboration with world leading business schools
  • 2018: Journal’s “Best Paper Award” for a research on “Big Data” by the International Journal of Production Research
  • 2018: Invited to House of Lords to showcase UK-India collaborative research on sustainability
  • 2017: “Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Enterprise” for industry-driven research achievements
  • 2017: “Outstanding Contribution Award” by the Carbon Trust (UK) for Industry-Academia collaboration initiatives and leading the UK Forum for Supply Chain Sustainability
  • 2017: Dean’s Award for “Impact on Practice” for the impact of research on Industries and Policies
  • 2017: Invited Keynote speaker to international workshops including Riyadh (Saudi), Newcastle University, University of Lyon (France), IIT Delhi and University of Padua (Italy) & Monash University
  • 2016: Organizing Chair of the 3rd International Conference on Green Supply Chain, London
  • 2016: Founder and Co-Chair of the UK Forum for Supply Chain Sustainability, UK
  • 2012 -2020: Guest Editor of 6 special issues in the International Journal of Production Economics, the International Journal of Production Research and the International Journal of Management Research and Reviews
  • 2010 - to date: 40+ invited talks/seminars across EU, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Middle East, India and the USA
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