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Dr Alok Choudhary BTech (NIFFT), PhD (Loughborough), CILT, FHEA, MCIPS

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Reader in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management; 'green' supply chain

Dr Alok Choudhary is a Reader in Supply Chain Management and the Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies. He joined Loughborough University in 2014 and was the Director of Management Sciences and Banking, Finance and Management Programme. Prior to this role, he was a Lecturer and Founding Director of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme at the University of Sheffield.

In 2017, Alok received Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence and Dean’s Award for Impact on Practice for his research, which is industry driven and externally funded, involving companies of varying sizes and sectors. These companies include Rolls-Royce, Carbon Trust, TATA, CONCOR and Safexpress group. He is leading two multidisciplinary and international projects funded by the EU and the British Council (worth £500,000) in the area of sustainable and resilient supply chain. He has completed and successfully delivered 3 research projects worth £600,000 as a Principal or co-Investigator funded by the European Commission, HEFCE, British Council, EPSRC, ESRC and other sources for PhD studentships.

In 2016, Alok in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, Co-founded the UK Forum for Supply Chain Sustainability, a unique network of 25 leading business partners, driving industry-academia collaboration. He leads this network to enhance research impact on companies, policies and knowledge exchange. He was the academic lead of the Sheffield City Region’s Logistics Local Enterprise Partnership and influenced regional policy through research.

Alok leads and teaches several modules on operations and supply chain management. He is recognised for innovation in technology enhanced, research led and case-based learning and teaching (L&T). He has led practice-oriented courses including a Rolls-Royce module on operations management. 

Dr Choudhary focuses on interdisciplinary, industry driven and applied research to investigate Sustainability of Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. Using a problem-driven approach, he has used data analytics methods to investigate efficient, resilient, and sustainable logistics and supply chain decision making in an international context with demonstrated practical applications. His research focuses on the following areas:

1.    Decision support tool, framework and business models for sustainable and resilient logistics and supply chain management in an international context

2.    Application of data analytics (modelling, optimisation and data mining) for global logistics and supply chain decision making

3.    Empirical research to investigate sustainability risk, sustainability-oriented innovation, resilient sustainable practices and sustainability paradoxes in the context of global supply chain.


Alok has a wealth of experience in writing, winning and leading funded international and national research projects. He has led research projects funded (over £1.0 Million) by European Commission, European Union, EPSRC, British Council and other sources for PhD. studentships. Alok’s international, industrial and cross-disciplinary collaborations within the University has resulted in research publications with high industrial relevance. He has authored/co-authored 40+ research publications in high impact factor and leading international journals including the International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE), IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, Computers in Industry, International Journal of Production Research, Computers and Operations Research and Annals of Operations Research,

His research has a wider and global academic impact with citations coming from more than 65 countries. He was a Visiting Professor at Vienna University, IITs in India and a visiting researcher at Harvard Business School.


Current externally funded research projects:

1) Advanced Analytics for Green and Resilient Supply Chain Decision Making (£176,000) A UK-India collaborative project funded by British Council, UKIERI initiative.

2) EU-India Research and Innovation Partnership for Efficient and Sustainable Freight Transportation (REINVEST), European Union (EURO 398,000). 

  • 2017: Loughborough University Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Enterprise for exceptional enterprising achievements
  • 2017: “Outstanding Contribution Award” by the Carbon Trust (UK) for Industry- Academia collaboration initiatives through the UK forum for Supply Chain Sustainability
  • 2010-17: Research funding proposal evaluator and rapporteur for funding agencies in the UK, India, Belgium, Portugal and European Commission
  • 2017: Dean’s Award for “Impact on Practice” for outstanding Enterprising achievements
  • 2016: Awarded “Outstanding Contribution Award” at the GSC’16 Conference (London, UK)
  • 2015: Awarded by Rutgers University, USA for outstanding contribution to UK-USA-India trilateral research partnership project
  • 2015: Received “Letter of Appreciation” from the Vice Chancellor of Loughborough University for outstanding contribution to international collaboration initiatives
  • 2014: “Senate Award” for Excellence in Learning & Teaching at The University of Sheffield
  • 2008 - 2016: received 4 “Best paper awards” at leading International Conferences at Helsinki, France, London and Brussels
  • 2016: Organizing Chair of the 3rd International Conference on Green Supply Chain, London
  • 2016: Founder and Co-Chair of the UK Forum for Supply Chain Sustainability, UK
  • 2012 -2016: Guest Editor of the International Journal of Production Economics, the International Journal of Production Research and the International Journal of Management Research and Reviews
  • 2010 - to date: 40+ invited talks/seminars across EU, UK, India and USA
  • 2010- to date: Visiting Professor/Researcher to the world’s leading universities including IIT-Delhi (India), Harvard Business School (USA), EPFL (Switzerland) and Vienna University (Austria)
  • 2013: Invited and trained by the Nobel Laureate and Former USA Vice president Al Gore in Chicago to become an International Climate Leader 
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