Economics academic group

The Economics academic group is dedicated to providing high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in economics and to undertaking rigorous and relevant internationally-recognised research.

What we do

Research in the Economics group covers four key areas:

  • monetary economics and macroeconomics
  • microeconomics
  • financial economics
  • international economics.

The Economics group’s research outputs range from traditional academic articles published in world-leading scholarly journals, to work with a significant impact on public policy. The group also holds regular research seminars and workshops.

Interdisciplinary research

The School of Business and Economics hosts several interdisciplinary research centres and research interest groups (RIGs), and our economists contribute to their work. For example:


The Economics group is responsible for teaching a suite of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Our programmes are informed by our research and provide students with new perspectives on some of the most pressing and challenging problems facing the world today. Given our focus on rigorous and relevant economics teaching, our programmes also equip students with the analytical and practical skills necessary to understand and deal creatively with a range of economic, financial and management issues.

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