Executive Education


Short Courses

We offer a range of focused programmes which are designed to meet crucial business needs and to showcase the acclaimed faculty expertise and research within the School of Business and Economics.

Our intensive short courses and masterclasses provide the opportunity to explore specific topic areas in depth in order to maximise learning and motivation and to provide high impact idea concepts and best practice for immediate application back in the workplace. These short courses may, for example, take the form of a one-off evening Masterclass with discussion and networking, or a focused short course of 1 to 5 days’ duration, depending on requirements. The courses can be designed to a highly bespoke level with the organisation’s specific needs in mind.

The content and structure of the short courses we offer are determined by corporate need and ongoing School research in associated fields. Currently, short course provision is offered in the following areas with the facility and expertise to offer tailored courses in other business-related subject areas: