I have worked in organisational change and leadership development for many years and saw this Senior Leader Apprenticeship an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge, and at the same time benchmark my existing knowledge against current academic thinking. I have worked with Loughborough Business School previously to deliver programmes for clients and was impressed with the quality of teaching and support given. When it came to choosing an apprenticeship provider, Loughborough was my automatic choice.

What has been the biggest challenge and what additional help did you receive? 

My biggest challenge has been to complete my academic studies while in full-time employment through an intense period of change due to Covid and then being the subject of an acquisition into a very different style of organisation.

I had never been in the academic world, so to enter it and find I could hold my own was hugely rewarding.

The support from the academic and operations staff at the University has been exceptional. They have all been understanding, flexible in the extreme and hugely supportive.

What specific skills have you learnt or developed? 

Most notable for me is a significant increase in my critical analysis of a topic. I have learnt to analyse and evaluate proposals, ideas and opportunities in a far more rigorous and structured way, which has direct impact to my professional work and of great value to my employer.

Completing this Senior Leader Apprenticeship has enabled me to add significant value to the organisation by being able to deploy broader knowledge and new ways of thinking.

Would you recommend this Senior Leader Apprenticeship?   

This is a superb programme with great variety mixed with interesting challenges. It is extremely well balanced between the breadth of topics covered while simultaneously creating the opportunity to develop depth and real insight.

There is also a very practical consideration that by using the apprenticeship route it made the programme more affordable.

Why would you recommend studying this Senior Leader Apprenticeship with Loughborough University?

This is a superb university for very many reasons. Loughborough Business School is outstanding for the quality of the programme delivered by excellent academic staff and supported by a superb operations team.

I cannot speak highly enough of the people at all levels or the institution overall.

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