Executive Education

Developing organisations

Embedding Research

Over the years, Loughborough has earned a reputation for cutting-edge research – much of it in partnership with business, public and voluntary organisations.

Our research generates and transforms knowledge, directly benefiting wider society. Our Executive Education programmes are informed and shaped by the research we undertake for partners and our Advisory Board help to ensure that our teaching is applied and relevant.


Consultancy enables you to establish relationships with either individual academics or an expert team drawn from different areas of cutting-edge research.

Our professional and commercially-orientated service is the ideal way to:

  • enhance your organisation's research capabilities
  • hire in trusted expertise to tackle time-critical and complex challenges

For many of our clients, consultancy is the route into a mutually beneficial long-term research partnership. For all of our clients, we strive to ensure we meet their specific needs, enabling them to remain competitive and progressive.

Institute for Consultancy and Research Application

ICRA comprises a dedicated team of experienced researchers who undertake specific research projects for a wide variety of commissioning bodies, and collaborate with colleagues across the School and elsewhere to undertake research and consultancy.

ICRA also has a focus on exploiting the academic research of the School to maximise its impact and value for the wider community, and on developing research proposals which are of real value to users.

Knowledge Transfer

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is an ideal way to access the innovative ideas and skills of our research and development staff – enabling organisations to achieve product development, business expansion and performance improvement.

A KTP is a three-way collaboration between the University, a private or public sector business and a graduate working on a project geared to your strategic growth.

We will help organisations to identify the appropriate research expertise and then work closely with you and the academic team to define the project and apply for Government funding. Our graduates’ skills and knowledge will then be applied directly to key areas of your business to improve product process and management improvement.