Executive Education


Our Alumni Network

Studying at Loughborough makes you part of a community of professionals that stretches around the globe and an alumni association with more than 140,000 members.

Loughborough is famous for its award-winning student experience and our graduates have a unique and extremely strong bond with the university. So when you join us, you will become part of an enthusiastically supportive network of professionals with a genuine passion and commitment to the idea that ‘Loughborough is for life’.

Graduate input

Your teaching programme will include guest lectures, real life case studies, mentoring and those all-important networking opportunities.

All this is supported and enhanced by our strong alumni community and an innovative approach to teaching that provides an increasing number of opportunities to engage with alumni.  You will benefit, therefore, from the experiences of entrepreneurs, business leaders, business funders and more both during your studies and after you graduate.

Professional Education graduates who wish to get involved by becoming guest speakers or by offering projects or internship opportunities through their company are more than welcome and are encouraged to get in touch with us.

Staying in touch

As a Professional Education graduate, you will automatically become part of a global network of alumni, which is free and open to you for the rest of your life.

You can sign up to receive our bi-annual magazine - Inspire featuring news and achievements from students, staff and graduates, as well as highlighting some of the very latest research emerging from the School.

The Alumni Association is your main point of contact with the University and runs many events which you can get involved in. Membership of the Alumni Association is free - all you have to do is keep them informed of your current address.

We have thirty three overseas groups whose activities are co-ordinated by our alumni ambassadors, as well as our prestigious Loughborough Sporting Club, which includes sporting alumni such as Sir Sebastian Coe and friends and supporters of Loughborough’s various sports clubs and societies.