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Award winning

This research group was part of the Optical Engineering Team which won the Queen's Anniversary Award in 2001.

Photonics Engineering and Health Technology Research Group

The Research Group conducts research into the use of light and pressure for sensing and characterisation of dynamic systems of industrial and biological origin.

Our Aim

The group has a clear scientific interest in the photonics and dynamics that govern the interaction of light and biological tissues, as well as the practical engineering implementation required to translate laboratory results into commercial products. Research activities include areas of sport technologies, human physiology, computing science, and mechanical and systems engineering.

The group collaborate in biomedical engineering research projects and programmes with a number of national and international research groups and institutions. It has attained international recognition for its research in opto-physiological modelling to describe human physiological phenomena by effective capture of light trans-illuminating tissue, and non-contact vital signs monitoring, as referenced in NASA Future of Emergency Care (NASA/TM-2011-216145).

Our Research Platforms

More Research Projects

  • Carelight in partnership with Haiyuntech
  • Physiological monitoring electronics
  • Functional cotton fabrics with durable sensing ability
  • Imaging photoplethysmography (iPPG) for real-time retinal blood perfusion assessment
  • Micro-Multi-Material Manufacturing to Enable Multifunctional Miniaturised Devices
  • Rapid Windscreen Defrosting System for Motor Vehicle
  • Non-contact measurement of aortic compliance
  • Optical Turbidity Measurement for Existing Assays
  • "Venous Oximetry” and “Imaging Photoplethysmography”

Our Team

Our Staff

Visting Professor: Tomasz Spyt

Senior Visiting Academics: Martin French

Our Research Opportunities

Our PhD students play a central role in our wide-ranging research activities, making vital contributions to the success of the research itself. Find out more about our current research opportunities.

Our Research Opportunities

Athena Swan Bronze award

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