Dr Vincent Dwyer

BA, MA, DPhil

  • Honorary Fellow in Electronic Devices

Dr Dwyer is originally from Manchester. He attended Cambridge University as an undergraduate in Mathematics and York University where he received his doctorate in Theoretical Physics. After periods at Trinity College, Dublin and Warwick University he joined the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, where he is now a Reader in Electronic Devices.

He has published over 70 academic papers (over 60 of which are in academic journals) on a variety of topics but which lately have included the reliability and physics of failure of VLSI circuits.

His roles currently include Director of Research Programmes for the Systems Division.

He was a Visiting Scientist at the Nanyang Technological University in February/March 2011.

Research topics

  • Modelling of failure mechanisms in VLSI circuits: Electromigration in interconnects, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) damage.
  • Reliability in redundant systems with nonhomogeneous Poisson process flows.
  • Quantitative Surface Analysis.
  • MPEG compression algorithms


  • ELA004 Signals and Systems
  • ELC011 VLSI Devices and Technology
  • ELD062 Understanding Complexity


  • ELD462 Understanding Complexity

Selected publications

  • V.M. Dwyer, Modeling the Electromigration Failure Time Distribution in Short Copper Interconnects, (2008)
  • V. M. Dwyer, An Analytical Model of the Microstructure in Near-Bamboo Interconnects, (2004)
  • P. C. Bressloff, V. M. Dwyer and M. J. Kearney, The localization-delocalization transition for drift-diffusion in a random environment, (1996)
  • V. M. Dwyer, A. J. Franklin and D. S. Campbell, Thermal failure in semiconductor devices, (1990) 
  • V. M. Dwyer and J. A. D. Matthew, The effects of elastic backscattering on the Auger or X-ray photoelectron spectra of solids, (1984)