Advanced VR Research Group

As a leading Centre for Virtual Engineering, we explore the science and engineering that will transform future industrial digitalization and adoption of concepts like Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Our aim

The research aims to develop new engineering techniques to process intrinsically linked aerospace product data, across the aerospace enterprise, its products and lifecycles to achieve significant reductions in development timescales whilst minimising risks at all levels through improved engineering information.

The research aims to completely transform how engineering is undertaken in Airbus, impacting virtually every process in the company, and across the whole lifecycle of its products. This will invoke transformational shifts from data to an information-based economy by creating new intellectual insights/understanding through innovations spanning: novel data-driven models, new systems engineering paradigms, digital-twins, system integration/optimisation methodologies and interactive visual analytics/immersive technologies to establish the engineering information platform.

AVVRC research has pioneered a spectrum of innovations in aerospace, automotive, healthcare and transport sectors.