Systems Engineering Level 7 Apprenticeship

Use your Apprenticeship Levy to develop the capabilities and performance of your future leaders.

Degree Apprenticeship

The University offers a Systems Engineering Degree Apprenticeship at Level 7, which you can take advantage of as an employer to develop, promote and retain your most talented employees.

Our programme offers an ideal way to train and invest in valuable early career engineers, boosting your organisation's productivity and competitive advantage in the marketplace by enhancing your workforce's effectiveness. 

The combination of compulsory and elective modules provides some choice over course content. It is tailored to your strategic needs, and the Capstone Project is directly linked to your business requirements. It also allows you to unlock value from your Apprenticeship Levy in line with the funding band, and develop possible further collaborative relationships with the University.

Please visit the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education to get a complete overview of the relevant occupational standard.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is a transdisciplinary approach that integrates all disciplines and speciality groups into a team effort, developing an innovation from concept to fully operational system. 

It considers business and technical needs to create a quality product that meets all requirements. Systems Engineers can think systemically (considering the whole system) and systematically (adopting a methodical consideration of the system parts) to cope effectively with complexity.

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