Thermofluids & Combustion Research Group

Our group is engaged in a broad range of research activities in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, heat transfer and combustion, with a strong emphasis on the application of computational modelling and advanced optical diagnostic methods.

About us

Our research has a strong emphasis on the fundamentals and application of advanced computational modelling and optical diagnostic methods relevant to the automotive, engine, powertrain, power, environmental and medical industries.

The Thermofluids and Combustion group aims at generating sustainable CO2-free energy sources for powertrains and finding effective solutions to reduce CO and NOx emissions. Our group also works on several fundamental questions in strong connection with environmental and health issues such as the dispersion and mixing processes related to carbon capture and storage technologies.

We thus try to contribute to the generation of affordable and clean energy, in line with one of the main United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To tackle all the technological challenges inherent to environmental topics, our group can rely on cutting-edge facilities such as in-situ engine optical diagnostic systems and advanced computing resources for CFD, and on strong working partnerships with a wide range of industrial and research organisations including Caterpillar, DERA, EPSRC, ETI, Ford, Hardstaff, Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus, Perkins Engines and the Technology Strategy Board.