Research priorities

Our core research priorities are organised around four broad, interdisciplinary research themes: Connected Infrastructure, Digital Manufacturing, Net Zero and Sports Engineering and Human Factors.

An illustration of vehicles, buildings and aeroplanes and a busy road

Connected Infrastructure

Lead: Professor Will Whittow

As the world strives for peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet, intelligent use of data to connect infrastructure is essential. We are working to create sustainable, inclusive, and healthy communities through the effective networking of intelligent connected objects and infrastructure.

Connected Infrastructure webpage
Wind turbines and solar panels whilst the sun is setting.

Net Zero

Lead: Professor Philip Eames

Loughborough has been at the forefront of renewable energy technologies for over 25 years. We continue to shape the sustainable energy landscape, supporting innovation, resourcing policy development and increasing knowledge through proactive dissemination.

Net Zero webpage
A human head prototype shot from a distance in a lab.

Sports Engineering and Human Factors (SEHF)

Lead: Professor Steph Forrester

Loughborough has a proud history of pioneering work in the engineering of sports products. Our work in this area highlights the importance of sport in enhancing our physical and mental health, as well as being integral to our societal and cultural development.

SEHF webpage