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CREST is 20 logo and drawing of hills, wind turbines and powerstation

Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST)

The Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology is the largest and leading UK sustainable energy research centre.

Established in 1993 CREST has overseen the research and development of the most progressive renewable energy technologies.  We instigate, lead and deliver high quality, original research collaborating with industry and international academic networks.  Our research influences industry, policy makers, researchers and educators across the world.  

Our research focuses on wind power, solar PV, solar thermal, energy in buildings, grid connection, integration and energy storage (including hydrogen).  Critical work for the present and future generations.  

We offer a postgraduate degree in renewable energy systems technologies.  The course is informed by the latest research and delivered by world-leading experts.  The innovative distance learning adaption continues to widen its global reach and influence.  The highly skilled graduates produced are prized by industry and many enjoy positions of influence.  

We continue to shape the sustainable energy landscape, supporting innovation, resourcing policy developments and increasing knowledge through proactive dissemination.  Our expansion continues as new research avenues are explored through large-scale, ground breaking collaborations and increasing numbers continue to benefit from our teaching and knowledge dissemination.