Analysis and PDEs

Analysis and the theory of partial differential equations are classical fields of mathematics that have a wide range of application both within mathematics and in other fields. These include applications to number theory, group theory, geometry and topology, physics engineering and chemistry.

Research interests in the Analysis and PDEs group currently include microlocal analysis, spectral theory and harmonic analysis, analysis of PDEs and their numerical approximation, continuous-time random processes with jumps, and infinite dimensional analysis involving both Brownian motion and jump processes.

Members of our group are part of the following LMS (scheme 3) funded networks:

Dr Jean-Claude Cuenin is organiser of the Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Operators conference taking place on 16 July 2021. To find out more visit the conference website.

Marco Discacciati is organiser of the UKACM 2021 Conference on Computational Mechanics taking place from 14th to 16th April 2021. To find out more visit the conference website.

Marco Discacciati is the UK representative on the ECCOMAS Computational Applied Mathematics committee and a member of the scientific organising committee of the 20th International Conference on Fluid Flow Problems.

  • Costas Loizou (supervised by Dr Claudia Garetto).  Weakly hyperbolic equations in the presence of multiplicities and singularities via analytical and numerical methods.
  • Solomon Keedle-Isack (supervised by Dr. Jean-Claude Cuenin). Spectral properties of non-self-adjoint Schrödinger operators.