The Statistics group carries out methodological research in contemporary issues in computational and mathematical statistics, as well as investigating applications of statistics to the natural, biological and social sciences, including engineering, medical imaging, materials science, ecology, and testing theory.

  • Dr. Safa Elsheikh (supervised by Diwei Zhou, funded by HEIF): Development of Methods and Tools for Diffusion Tensor Image Analysis for Muscle Studies.
  • Imoleayomide Ajayi (supervised by Eugenie Hunsicker, Zhaoxia Zhou from Materials and Mark Platt from Chemistry): Data Science for Microplastics Characterisation.
  • Stefan Calvert (supervised by Diwei Zhou and Steven Kenny from Materials): Data Analytics and statistical modelling for engineering data.
  • Steff Farley (supervised by Eugenie Hunsicker): Image Metrics for Statistical Data Integration.
  • Fiona Houlgreave (supervised by Hideyasu Shimadzu and John Ward): integrating statistical and ecological frameworks to quantify biodiversity related challenges. 
  • Kerry Rosenthal (supervised by Eugenie Hunsicker and colleagues from SSEHS) : Statistical Methods for Metabomics with Gas-Phase Mass Spectrometry.
  • Lei Ye (supervised by Diwei Zhou, Eugenie Hunsicker and Baihua Li from Computer Science): statistical data mining given brain and musculoskeletal images.