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Frequently Asked Questions on Loughborough University’s Ethical Policy Framework

The page outlines some of the frequently asked questions about the University’s Ethical Policy Framework. This information on this page has been approved by the Loughborough University Ethics Committee but is not a substitute for the full Framework.

Why is the Ethical Policy Framework needed?

The University is an independent academic institution that exists for the creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge for the social and economic enrichment of society. We must be committed to fulfilling that purpose in ways that comply with broad obligations of social responsibility. Integral to this commitment are the adoption of high ethical standards across every aspect of University activity. The framework states the expectations of organisational and individual ethical behaviour. It also provides a structure for informed decision-making when ethical issues arise in the course of University business.

What University activity should be ethically reviewed?

What University activity should be ethically reviewed? The framework offers guidance to all members of our university community on how to act with integrity, good conscience and good judgement at all times. Whilst some specific types of project has a clear ethics review process, all staff and students should consider their work and the ethical issues that may arise from it.

How are activities ethically reviewed?

Any work at the University should be considered using the appropriate ethical quick test as a first step. Investigators should consider the work they wish to undertake and any ethical issues that may be associated with it.

Work involving human participants should be reviewed by the Ethics Review Sub-Committee. 

Ethics Review Sub-Committee

How does the Loughborough University ethics review procedure work?

If a member of the University feels that an aspect of their work is ethically questionable, it should be reported to the University Ethics Committee. The Committee will then consider the work and respond to the University member. The Ethics Committee may decide to delegate any investigation or review to the appropriate Sub-Committee or other relevant Committee of the University.

Where can I find out more about the Ethical Policy Framework?

The Loughborough University Ethics Committee website provides further information.

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