Elections to Committees

Council, Senate and Human Resources Committee require elections for certain members to sit on those committees. The processes, nominations and results are presented here.

Human Resources Committee

Vacancies are available at the request of Senate and Council.


Election terms and processes

Electorate Definitions:

Academic Staff – Members of the:

  • 'Research, Teaching and Enterprise',
  • 'Specialist and Supporting Academic' and
  • 'Specialist and Supporting Academic Research' job families.

General Assembly – Members of the University staff Grade 6 and above.

Nomination process:

Nominations require a proposer and seconder, and the nominee is required to confirm that he/she is agreement with the nomination. Nominations should be emailed to Rob Pearson, Senior Assistant Registrar, Programme Quality and Teaching Partnerships Office, Academic Registry, with copy to Trish Swift.

Balloting process:

For the majority of ballots votes are registered online using Jisc Online Surveys. The electorate is emailed a unique access to the voting process. If members of the 'Operational Services' job family are are involved they will receive a paper ballot.

Kyla Sala Programme Quality and Teaching Partnerships Office
Academic Registry