Central England NERC Training Alliance (CENTA)

CENTA stands for Central England NERC Training Alliance, a consortium of Universities, research institutes and non-academic partners for example that are working together to provide excellence in doctoral research training within the remit of the Natural Environment Research Council.

The CENTA group comprises five other universities in addition to Loughborough (University of Birmingham, the Open University, University of Leicester, University of Warwick, and Cranfield University) and four partner organisations (British Geological Survey, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the National Centre for Earth Observation).

We also work in close partnership with several UK and international businesses, NGOs, museums and charitable organisations (such as the National Trust, Natural England, Natural History Museum, Halliburton, Jacobs and the Lighthill Risk Network), who are involved at a variety of levels. Our partners are actively involved in CENTA management, delivering the training programme, providing placement opportunities and offering CASE partnerships for our doctoral researchers.

CENTA will host studentships across the full range of NERC science with particular focus on three key science themes:

  1. Climate and environmental sustainability
  2. Organisms and ecosystems
  3. Dynamic Earth


How to apply:

  1. First read the full project overview by clicking on the Project Description below (this will take you to the main CENTA website).
  2. Complete a CENTA studentship application form in Word format (see www.centa.org.uk/apply/).
  3. All applications should be made through the online application portal. Under programme name, select the appropriate School. During the online application process, upload the CENTA studentship application form as a supporting document.
  4. The deadline for applications is midnight 10th January 2020.


NERC CENTA studentships at Loughborough University
CodeProject TitleMain SupervisorSchool/Unit
CENTA20-LU1 Dune worlds: novel geospatial approaches applied to Earth and Martian sand seas Dr Matt Baddock Geography & Environment
CENTA20-LU2 Multi-scale environmental remote sensing for understanding dust in the high latitudes Dr Matt Baddock Geography & Environment
CENTA20-LU3 Arctic-sourced mineral dust fluxes: quantification, drivers and impacts Prof Joanna Bullard Geography & Environment
CENTA20-LU4 TINDER: Transport infrastructure networks in a dynamic climate: evaluating resilience Dr Tom Dijkstra Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
CENTA20-LU5 RE-STORM: Extra-tropical cyclone predictability for revised decision making Dr John Hillier Geography & Environment
CENTA20-LU6 Dispersion modelling in turbulent canopies using filtering and data assimilation Prof Chris Keylock Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
CENTA20-LU7 Global River Networks Based on Remote Sensing Imagery and Hydrodynamic Modelling Prof Qiuhua Liang Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
CENTA20-LU8 Next Generation LA-ICP-MS Geoscience Dr Amy Managh Science (Chemistry)
CENTA20-LU9 Nutritional ecology of carnivorous pitcher plants Dr Jon Millett Geography & Environment
CENTA20-LU10 Children’s Citizen Science and the Natural Environment: Motivations, Experiences and Outcomes Dr Sarah Mills Geography & Environment
CENTA20-LU11 Waking the 'dead': Evolutionary responses of Daphnia spp. to biophysical disruption in tropical lake systems Dr David Ryves Geography & Environment
CENTA20-LU12 Digital twins for natural flood management Dr Xilin Xia Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
CENTA20-LU13 Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Using Drones Dr Paul lepper Wolfson MEME
CENTA20-LU14 Plasma agriculture: Improving the productivity of agricultural land and eliminating the reliance on chemical fungicides Dr Felipe Iza Wolfson MEME
CENTA20-LU20 Grazing and disturbance as management tools in coastal wetlands: consequences for soil organic matter, biodiversity and functional resilience Dr Jon Millett;

Dr Aidan Keith
Geography & Environment;