Research projects

Our researchers are engaged in re-discovering authors, challenging the literary canon and bringing new approaches to bear on established texts.

Editing Aphra Behn in the digital age


Funding: £752,247

Lead: Professor Elaine Hobby

Through systematically integrating digital and established methods, E-ABIDA will produce and disseminate a new, comprehensive edition of Aphra Behn (1640-89), one of the most important English Restoration writers.

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The complete works of Evelyn Waugh


Funding: £822,481

Lead: Dr Barbara Cooke (PI Professor Martin Stannard, University of Leicester)

Five-year AHRC-funded project, working to create the first ever Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh. Forty-three volumes will bring together Waugh’s extensive collections of novels, biographies, travel writing, essays, articles, reviews, letters, diaries, drawings and designs.

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The Kinesemiotic Body: a pragmatic account of the local discourse organisation of dance

2020 - 2023

Funding: £337,276/ € 345,602

Lead: Dr Arianna Maiorani, Professor John Bateman (PI in Germany)

UK-German Collaborative Research Project, this AHRC-funded project brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers with expertise in linguistics, multimodal semiotics, empirical human-motion studies, and dance in order to evaluate the extent to which an explicit, linguistically-motivated formal and functional notion of multimodal discourse can deepen our understanding of how the movement-based medium of dance communicates. 

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