Thais Sarda

PhD student

Can you explain what your research project is about?

My doctoral research is about British media representation of the Deep Web and the Dark Web. I am studying how newspapers in the UK discuss these technologies and their uses, and also to which extent discussions about Tor Network are related to surveillance and privacy issues.

What were you doing before you started your PhD?

Originally from Brazil, in 2007 I graduated in Social Communication from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State, the second-best university in the country. The experience of writing my final dissertation greatly increased my appreciation for research. So, I went on to complete a specialisation in Criminal Sciences (2009), an MBA in People Management (2012), and a MSc in Communication (2015). My masters’ dissertation was titled “Identity management on social networking sites: Self presentation strategies on Facebook and LinkedIn”, in which I conducted a qualitative research about performances on social media.

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

In April 2016, I moved to the UK to start my doctoral research under the supervision of Professor John Downey and Dr Simone Natale, at the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture. The idea of choosing my own topic and counting with so experienced academics was the reason why I came to Loughborough.

How are you funding your studies?

I have a Loughborough University scholarship.

Why did you decide to undertake a PhD in your area?

I want to pursue an academic career, combining teaching and research, and doing my doctoral studies is the formal way to achieve this goal.

If you could give one piece of advice to a future PhD student, what would it be?

Use you time wisely, which includes allowing yourself a social life and holidays.