Faustine Elyn-De-Castelbajac

Digital Media and Society MA

What were you doing before you joined Loughborough?

I was living between the United States, France, Ukraine and Russia while completing another master’s degree online. I knew I wanted to specialise in the media but I did not really know how before hearing about Loughborough University.

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

Loughborough University has a very good reputation for both media studies and student support in the UK. Combined with all the sporting opportunities and the financial support I received from them, it seemed like the ideal place for me to study.

What do you enjoy the most about your programme?

The opportunities outside the programme! I obviously enjoyed most of my modules, but I especially liked how much my lecturers encouraged us to attend conferences, lectures outside our course, events on campus or outside to feed our general knowledge. These opportunities made my time studying at Loughborough exciting and whole.

Describe what it is like to be a postgraduate, and how this differs from undergraduate studies?

It’s better! I felt much freer in my way to organise what to read and study. More generally, I believe as a postgrad I was also encouraged to be more responsible without being left alone completely, which was very beneficial in my own personal growth.

Describe a day in the life of a postgraduate student?

I study quite a lot in the morning because it is when I am the most productive. When I’m done reading, I take some time for myself: exercising, yoga, counselling or just relaxing. I will attend lectures if I have any, and in the afternoon, if I have free time, I will probably work on something career-related or a passion project. If I am busy, you will either find me working part-time or attending more lectures. I am not productive at all in the evenings so I either have an early night or I generally go out to dance — I am an active member of the LSU salsa society here in Loughborough.

How do you like to spend your time away from your studies?

What I really enjoyed at Loughborough University is the focus on health (physical, spiritual, mental). I always felt like I had guilt-free options if I wanted to take a break from studying: the Uni has amazing sports facilities, and the possibility for students to receive free counselling sessions, which have been very useful in my perspective. But more importantly, I dance — the Student’s Union has many dance societies and hosts various dance events throughout the year, which are always a welcome break from studying.

Why did you decide to study?

It was never really a question for me. I have always loved learning and being a student. The harder question was what to study!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Completing a PhD! I am going to work for a year or two, but as I said, I am passionate about studying.

If you could give one piece of advice to a future student, what would it be?

Get involved! I wanted to be part of the LSU Media team when I started Uni and I eventually didn’t, which is one of my regrets after a year here. Loughborough University has so many opportunities to offer, it’s just a matter of taking them.