Mathematical Sciences

All our maths courses give students a solid grounding in the fundamentals of mathematics, but allow for additional specialism in areas such as statistics or mathematical finance.

Why choose Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough?

Mathematics is an exciting subject which is not only fascinating to study in its own right but also underpins a great variety of endeavours such as science, commerce and industry.

Our maths courses are widely respected by employers and open many doors to employment and further study. They equip students with the numerical abilities, logical thinking and analytical skills that are highly valued within a diverse range of organisations.

Several of our courses are accredited

Our BSc and MMath Mathematics courses and our Mathematics with Statistics course are accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Our Mathematics and Accounting and Financial Management course is accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Association of International Accountants.

You will have access to loads of support

The award-winning Mathematics Learning Support Centre provides a wide variety of printed and online resources and a member of academic staff is available each day to provide one-to-one help.

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre has provided tremendous support during my studies. I use the one-to-one help service for guidance when I encounter complicated mathematics problems.

Lok Man BSc Mathematics

You'll have the opportunity to go on a placement year or study abroad for a year

All our mathematical science courses offer the option of a year-long professional placement. A year spent applying your learning in an industrial, commercial or research context gives you valuable work experience and may even introduce you to your future employer.

An alternative to professional training is a year spent studying at a university in another country through a student exchange scheme, leading to the award of the Diploma in International Studies (DIntS). We currently have exchange agreements with universities in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, Japan and the USA

There are lots of great career opportunities

Opportunities include actuarial work (which involves application of probability and statistics), computing (particularly systems analysis and programming), financial work (accountancy, insurance, banking etc), management (which might involve operational research, a branch of applied mathematics), engineering (for example mathematical modelling and simulation in a design team), scientific research, design and development (perhaps using numerical methods and other techniques of advanced applied mathematics), statistical work (for example, Government departments) and teaching and lecturing.

Recent employment destinations include:

  • Rolls-Royce – Graduate Engineer
  • Certegy - Risk Analyst
  • Bank of America - Treasury Sales Analyst
  • British Gas – Data Analyst