All new Doctoral Researchers are required to take part in the Doctoral College Induction.

The Doctoral College Induction has been created to help you to understand what a doctorate at Loughborough University is all about, how it is regulated, and recognise some of the issues that you are likely to face over your research period. We also cover the skills training requirements, with some suggestions for engaging with your own development including opportunities provided by the Doctoral College.

We will share information about the support facilities you can access, and some of the events and facilities provided by the Students' Union. Inductions provide the opportunity for you to hear from some of the Professional Services staff who support Doctoral Researchers across the University.

Stage 1

Once you have registered and retrieved your IT credentials, you will be able to view a series of informative videos from some of the different professional services that support Doctoral Researchers, these will be available through the “Pathways” section of the Doctoral College Development Portal.

Stage 2

You will be required to take part in a live Induction session, these are already available to book via the Portal.

Please note that you will need to sign in to the University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you are off-campus.

Inductions will continue to run throughout the year, we advise you to attend as soon as you can after starting your doctorate.