Welcome to the LEN Virtual Enterprise Awards 2020! We had almost 60 nominations for awards this year, thank you everyone who has taken part. The winners are announced below - Congratulations! You will receive an email with your certificate shortly.

Rising Star Award


Lauren Jefferis and Olivia Collins (Pickle Illustration)

Pickle Illustration have always been keenly involved with the Loughborough Enterprise Network, and they have continued to innovate throughout the challenges presented by COVID-19. Their postcard launch has been a heartwarming response to social distancing, and is another example of how the duo continue to innovate their brand.

Congratulations, Lauren and Olivia!

The CUBE Award


Michael Vincent and Brandon Vethakkan (Lboro Vintage)

Loughborough Vintage burst into LSU at the beginning of the year. They wasted no time establishing themselves as a key clothing brand across campus but utilising CUBE! Their marketing has been spot on, they know their customer and as a result their brand continues to grow. We can't to see what they have in store next year!

Congratulations, Michael and Brandon!

Year in Enterprise Placement Student of the Year


Nathan Chan (Esk8supply)

The winner of this award has sold over 200 products bringing in $25000 of income and has over 800 subscribers to their various social media channels.

They have collaborated with 5 suppliers in China, despite the lockdown there causing issues with deliveries since January.

They are now taking a salary from their business and also paying another employee who they collaborated with on another project on the 2019 IDEA programme and in the true spirit of the LEN network they recently put forward their business to be one of the projects for House Hack run by two of the Develop cohort, an online lockdown hackathon.

Congratulations, Nathan!

London Student Entrepreneur of the Year


Andres Alejandro Urena Sandoval

Andres has been a vital and key part of the LEN and FutureSpace community, he is always getting involved and in attendance to mostly all of LEN's events to develop his entrepreneurial skills. Andres is always happy to share opinions and feedback to better the LEN service and support his fellow students. His passion is infectious, and he always strives hard to make his ideas and projects work. Andres lives and breaths innovation, for example his support in making the FutureSpace suitable and fit for purpose with his handy, informative signage was second to none.  Andres is a serial entrepreneur working on many projects to a high standard, and he has a clear understanding that entrepreneurship is a roller-coaster and is always happy to share his experiences! Andres is a pleasure to work with and winning the London Entrepreneur of the year would be well deserved. 

Congratulations, Andres!



Loughborough Student Entrepreneur of the Year


Naomi Howlett

Naomi had a vision last year to create a social enterprise. Knowing nothing of setting up a sustainable buisnesses, she asked for our help and got stuck in. Before we know it she proposed Green Pea, and got a budget from the sale of coats left over from club night. Since then Green Pea has gone from strength to strength and we are sure it will carry on.

Congratulations, Naomi!


Highly Commended

Daniel Jennings

Throughout the last academic year, Daniel, along with his team, have worked on developing an innovative solution to help people in need and add value to their lives.  He has shown a deep level of determination to find solutions, connected with and gained the support of wide range of professionals. Daniel and his team's innovative idea and solution, along with their excellent representation of this through a pitch deck were recognised as winners of the Young Enterprise Start Up UK final, and they will now go forward to compete at the JA European Enterprise Challenge at the end of June, competing alongside 22 national representations from the European Union.

Congratulations, Daniel!


Highly Commended

Joe Marston

Joe has managed to found and grow an online marketing start up into a thriving 6 figure agency in some of the most trying economic times in recent history whilst simultaneously completing his final year of studies at university. He shows dedication, passion and unwavering work ethic in everything he does and is fully deserving of the award. 

Congratulations, Joe!

Grauduate Student Entrepreneur of the Year


Peter Astbury

Having raised £360k through grant funding for Grace, Pete has shown phenomenal management of what is a large team with a number of external contributors in various fields of specialism. Although Covid-19 has affected his timeline, he is still working as hard as ever to push Grace through this period. Pete has also shown a willingness to learn throughout his entrepreneurial journey which shows no signs of slowing and will only put him in a great place once his product testing is completed.

Congratulations, Peter!



Tom Jelliffe

Tom is an outstanding leader in The Studio programme and provides support to those within the Studio and the wider LEN network. He constantly goes beyond what you would expect of an entrepreneur, and is always there to help with business-related issues and as a friend. His work ethic, business acumen and intelligence make him a great role model for any aspiring entrepreneur, and I'm extremely grateful of how he's helped me develop since I joined The Studio.

Congratulations, Tom! 

Outstanding Contribution (LEN)


Charlie Rogers

Charlie has developed a huge amount since being involved across what is now LEN since out first year in 2015-16. Moving onto his Year in Enterprise he learned a lot  from pursuing his own business, Postey and was especially good at bringing people with him to realise his vision. He has spoken at numerous events/panels and has benefited from the Start Up Fund. Running House Hack with him, a series of SME-focused hackathons has been a great experience so far. 

Congratulations, Charlie!

Outstanding Contribution (LSU)


Sophie Weir

Sophie stepped up to a challenging role on our student committee. Working alongside her throughout the year has been a pleasure. Sophie would always come into the office with a smile on her face and a story to tell, and she shows time and time again her commitment to the Section and how reliable she is. It's a shame Sophie is going on placement, but she'll be a credit to her organisation and I'm excited to see her back at Loughborough (and likely involved with Enterprise!) when she returns.

Congratulations, Sophie!