Student handbook

Exams and assessments

University examinations

The Student Office is responsible for the timetabling and adminstration of all University exams. On these pages you will find useful information to support you in the lead up to exams, ensure you understand the processes and protocols whilst undertaking exams and further information that you may need following your exams.

Examination datesAcademic Year 2019-20 
Semester 1 Monday 13th January 2020 to Wednesday 29 January 2020 inclusive
Semester 2 Tuesday 26th May 2020 to Wednesday 17th June 2020 inclusive
Special Assessment Period (SAP) Monday 24th August 2020 to Friday 4th September 2020 inclusive


Please note that your examinations may fall on any of these dates and therefore you must be available. Exam timetables cannot be altered due to other commitments you might have.

Before Exams

In this section you can find out more information on our policies and procedures as well as support that is available to you.    

Revision Support

In the lead up to exams, we have in place a range of support to help with your final preparations.

Support for students with a disability

The University's Counselling and Disability Service offer a range of support for students. If you have a disability or medical condition that you think could affect your performance in examinations and assessment then you should contact them as soon as possible.

Approved list of calculators

This is the approved list of calculators for use in university examinations.

It was agreed by Learning Teaching Committe in November 2019 that the following calculators will be acceptable for use in university examinations:

* These calculators are thought particularly appropriate for students with dyslexia.

Please note that ‘series’ refers to calculators containing the series number in full.

Calculators on the approved list can be inspected and compared in the Mathematics Learning Support Centre. Students with Specific Learning Difficulties can make an appointment to see a specialist tutor to discuss their individual needs.

If your calculator is not specifically listed above, it will NOT be allowed into the exam hall and will be confiscated immediately if found.

The only situation where a calculator not on the approved list will be permitted in the examination hall is where it is explicitly specified in the examination rubric and included in the relevant module specification.

If you do have any questions about this, please contact, although students should be aware that the University will not enter into any discussion about the suitability (or otherwise) of calculators not on this list.


During Exams

During each exam session, you will need to be aware of your conduct in the exam hall and support that is available through the exam period.

Venue details and timing of exams

Semester 1 and Semester 2

Main Venue Dan Maskell Tennis Centre
Extra Time Venue Brockington Building, Room U.0.06
Central Computer Venue Brockington Building, Room U.0.07

Special Assessment Period

Main Venue Edward Herbert Building (Quorn Hall/Sports Hall)
Extra Time Venue Brockington Building, Room U.0.06
Central Computer Venue Brockington Building, Room U.0.07

Please note that venues may change due to unforseen circumstances however, your personalised timetable will indicate the room you will be sitting your exams in.

Examination Hall Conduct

It is important the you understand what is expected of you and what you are allowed to do during an exam. This includes understanding University regulations, what to do when you arrive at the venue and what you are entitled to bring in with you.

Further information is available in our Examination Hall Conduct page.

Academic Misconduct

It is important that you understand what Academic Misconduct is and the processes involved with it.

You can find more information in the Academic Misconduct section of the Handbook.

LSU student support

Loughborough Students Union offer a range of support and advice during examinations. You can find our more by visiting the LSU website.

Mitigating Circumstances

There may be times when you feel that a your circumstances have affect your performance in an exam or over the course of a Semester of Academic Year. If this is the case then you should consider submitting a Mitigating Circumstance form.

You can find out more information on our Mitigating Circumstances page in the Handbook.

After Exams

After exams are over there are processes which you may need to be aware of, dealing with your results and any problems that might arise.


Semester 1 

You will receive an email when your results are available to view via MyResults. This will typically be during Week 3 of Semester 2, in the following order:

Monday - Postgraduate Taught and Undergraduate Parts C and D modules

Tuesday - Part B Modules

Wednesday - Parts A and F modules

The Student Office will send out the exact dates in February.


Semester 2

Your results will be available 2 working days after the Programme Board considering your results has met. You will receive an email telling you when these are available on MyResults.

You will recieve an email prior to Semester 2 exams starting advising you of the date your Programme Board will meet, when you will be able to view your results and information on any reassessments dates. 


Special Assessment Period

If you are required to sit any assessments during SAP, your results will be available 2 working days after the SAP board has met to consider your results. SAP Boards will usually meet during the 3rd week of September. If you have any further reassessments as a result of your results, you will be sent a reassessment form shortly after you receive your results. 

Academic Misconduct

If you have been suspected of Academic Misconduct, it is important that you are aware of the processes involved. 

Find out more information on the Academic Misconduct page in the Handbook.

Academic Appeals

If you have reason to believe that you have grounds for an academic appeal we recommend that you read the follow guidance on the Academic Appeals page in the Handbook.


If you have failed to gain credit in any of your modules at the first attempt, or your have been granted permitted first or second attempts as a result on a Mitigating Circumstances Claim, you will be sent a reassessment form following the release of your results. You will be notified, by email of the date you should expect to receive your reassessment form and what the deadline is for returning it.

It is important that you read the information on the Reassessments page in the Handbook.