Semester 1 exams are online-only for 2020/21. The linked sections below provide really useful and detailed advice and guidance about what you should be aware of before, during and after exams.

Exam Dates for 2020/21

Semester 1: Mon 18 January 2021 to Weds 3 February 2021
Semester 2: Tues 1 June 2021 to Weds 23 June 2021
SAP: Weds 1 September 2021 to Fri 10 September 2021

Please note that:

  • all dates are inclusive; and
  • your examinations may fall on any of these dates and therefore you must be available. Exam timetables cannot be altered due to other commitments you might have.

The Two Types of Online Exam for Semester 1

All exams will be conducted online and will take one of the following forms (your exam timetable will advise which form will be used for each exam): 

1a type: An open book long window online exam (23 hours) 

A 1a exam is a long window exam. You have 23 hours to download the paper, complete your exam, and upload your script. You should spend the recommended time on your paper but can do this at any time within the 23 hour time period given.

1b type: An open book short window online exam (normal length) 

A standard 1b exam, appearing as "(1b)" on your timetable, is a short window exam. The 1b exam includes the allocated time for the paper, plus an additional 30 minutes for downloading the paper and uploading your script. A 1b Quiz, which typically includes at least some multiple choice questions and appears as "(1b) Quiz" on your timetable, includes only the time allowed for the exam. There is no need for download or upload of a paper, therefore no additional time is allocated for this.

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