Your questions

Got a question? The answer's likely to be here. Check through this list before contacting Student Enquiries directly (they'll ask you if you've been through the list!). We expect this list to grow as we respond to impact of Covid-19 on the University.

Starting out

Where do I register/get my ID card?

Check out the Welcome to Loughborough page on ID card collection.

Collecting your ID card »

How do I pay my fees?

We don't accept payment at the counter during the Covid-19 restrictions, so alternative arrangements have been made.

More information on the Fees and Loans page »

How do I get a letter to show I'm a student?

Check out our page on the  letters we can provide so you can show you have student status.

Status letters page »

What do I need to do about Council Tax?

All our information about Council Tax is now on the Student Handbook.

Council Tax page on the Student Handbook »

How do I contact my School or department?

There are two quick ways of finding out who to contact.

  1. Go to the Student Self-Service system. If you hit the My Programme tab, you'll see links to support staff relevant to you.
  2. Open the university website and select your School or Department from the blue-gray header bar. Links to Staff are easy to find on each School page.
More about Self-Service » University staff and student pages »

Do I need an app for the digital register?

When you attend your in-person sessions you need to check-in to the Digital Registers to record that you are in attendance. You do this with the MyLboro app. Guidance on how you do so is in the links below.

Why record your attendance? » How to record your attendance

Your student record

What's a student record?

Your student record is a combination of the personal details you provided to the University when you registered at the start of your studies and information regarding your programme of study/modules. It needs to be accurate, so we have a system called Student Self-Service which you can use to view and update your details, and more.

More information about student records in the Student Handbook »

What is 'Student Self-Service'?

We have a dedicated page for Student Self-Service and what it allows you to do.

More about the Student Self-Service system »

Programme and study changes

How do I change the course I'm doing? (Programme transfer)

Changing your course, or programme transfer, be it within Loughborough or between universities, has its own set of guidance documents on the Student Handbook.

Guidance on Programme Transfer in the Student Handbook »

How do I take a break from my studies? (Leave of absence)

A Leave of Absence is an agreed break from your studies, and must be discussed with, and agreed by, your academic School. There is guidance in the Student Handbook.

Guidance on Leave of Absence in the Student Handbook »

I'm a doctoral researcher. How do I take a break from my studies? (Leave of absence/suspension of studies)

In exceptional circumstances, you may need to request a leave of absence from your research degree studies. Leaves of absence are normally permitted for up to 12 months. You should discuss this with your supervisors in the first instance. If you decide to proceed, you will need to complete an 'Request for Leave of Absence' form from the Doctoral College link below.

All requests will be subject to the approval of your supervisors and the Director of Doctoral Programmes. Once completed this should then be returned to the Doctoral College Office (Registry) in the Rutland Building (or email to

Guidance on Leave of Absence in the DC pages »

I want to leave... (Withdrawal from study)

If you are thinking about withdrawing from study, please discuss the options with your academic School first. There is guidance in the Student Handbook.

Guidance on Withdrawal from Study in the Student Handbook »

I'm a doctoral researcher. I want to leave. (Withdrawal from studies)

If you wish to withdraw from your studies we would strongly suggest you discuss this with your supervisor and/or your Director of Doctoral Programmes in the first instance. If you decide that the best option for you is to withdraw you can do this by emailing

Wellbeing support for Doctoral Researchers »

How do I add or remove my placement year/study abroad year?

Adding or removing your placement or study abroad year is really easy to do through Student Self-service. Guidance is available in the Student Handbook.

Guidance on Placements in the Student Handbook »

Assessment-related topics

I've got elite sporting commitments - how do I manage my studies? (Stretched degrees and assessment flexibility)

In some circumstances, the University allows students (usually high level sporting commitments or health problems), to 'stretch' their programme. More information is in the Student Handbook.

Guidance on Stretched Degrees in the Student Handbook »

I have assessments when my religion expects me to be elsewhere - what should I do? (Assessment flexibility)

In some circumstances, the University offers students with genuine religious commitments to have flexibility in their assessments. More information is available on the Student Handbook.

Guidance on Assessment Flexibility »

How do I hand in my doctoral thesis?

As part of the University's response to Covid-19, we are accepting theses in PDF format. The Doctoral College Office has published guidance on the Doctoral College site, which you can also reach via our page for doctoral researchers.

Student Enquiries' Doctoral Researcher page »

Year-round topics

I have a complaint...

If you have a complaint about a service provided by the University, you should normally raise this in the first instance with the member of staff, School or section responsible. For specific guidance, please look at the Student Handbook.

Guidance on making a complaint »

What is the student disciplinary process?

Good student conduct helps maintain the good reputation of the University, so where that conduct falls short of expectations, it's rules on student discipline come into play. These are explained in the Student Handbook.

Guidance on student disciplinary procedures »

How do I get a replacement ID card?

Replacement ID cards are provided, for a fee, by Creative and Print Services.

Replacement ID cards at Creative and Print Services »

When does term start and end?

Term dates and semesters dates are set by University Senate, and are published in the Student Handbook.

Term dates and Semester dates in the Student Handbook »